Exhibition at Utrecht University “Journey into diversity”

18th of March! Keep in mind!

What type of image comes to your mind when somebody tells you about “diversity”?

When I think about diversity, I unconsciously visualize a garden with different types of flowers, a big very colorful and joyful painting or millions of colorful balloons flying on limitless sky. Let’s think about reverse situation. A garden with only pink roses, a painting which made by only one color, wouldn’t that be boring?

On September 2017, I was invited by a project which is entitled as “Making Journeys, building blocks for diversity” in Utrecht University. Since I am a bit Albanian, a bit Bosnian, half Turkish, currently living in the Netherlands and fan of diversity, My DNA already accepted that invitation!

When I entered the meeting hall, I saw the big colorful painting that is mentioned above. Tens of people from all around the world were together to show the unity despite uniqueness. I was literally flattered with many butterflies in my stomach, feel me? 

Workshops, interviews and other creative efforts were planned with teachers, refugee students and fellow students with the aim of understanding how UU community experiences diversity. All those collaborations that have been facilitated through the Making Journeys project will come to light with the “Journey into Diversity” exhibition including photos, drawings, videos, objects, and paintings made or taken by participants.

Moreover, the context was “Art” and it was the most attractive part for me. Art is a common language for all human beings around the world. Even if you are not able to speak either Dutch or English, these paintings are going to explain clearer than verbal communication. Power of art is fascinating! 

Unfortunately, I was not able to participate all workshops because of work but I did not disregard my chance and painted someting about my inner meaning of diversity. Teachers kept posted me about the flow of schedule. Now I look forward to see the exhibitions.

Are you at Uithof and do you have a minute on 18th of March? Would you want to do something meaningful? Please give a chance to this exhibition! Future is bright when we are together on art!

The exhibition will be on view:

For more information:  https://www.uu.nl/en/education/incluusion/exhibition-journeys-into-diversity

Elif Ozer

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