Go Review Your Classes

By Anca Negulescu, Writer

How do you pick a restaurant when traveling? Do you seek to learn what other employees – former or current – think of the position when searching for a new job? How do you choose between two similar products before placing an order?

All these decisions likely have something in common: you check ratings and reviews. You might take them with a grain of salt, of course, but you’re probably still a little curious about them. And it’s normal. It’s normal to want to know what people thought of an experience before deciding whether it’s an experience you want to have as well or not.

Which leads me to a topic that I’ve been giving some thought since the end of the first university period: course reviews.

Near the end of each academic block, you have the chance to rate the courses you took and leave comments for the professors. And while you may be tempted to focus more on the negative aspects of a course or even not review an enjoyable course at all, it’s good to remember to review all courses. It provides the professors with useful feedback and helps future students.

So if you have a few extra minutes, why not do it?


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

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