Album Review: Bits of Naaz by Naaz

By Mackenzie Stolp, Writer

(4/5 stars)

When living in a new country, it is a very normal instinct to immerse oneself in local culture. Many aspects of dutch culture are beautiful and exciting, and one of the first things I wanted to explore was Dutch music. I could have looked into classic dutch bands, or something more traditional, but I explored the dutch top 40 charts and stumbled across a singer named Naaz.

Naaz is a Rotterdam-based singer who is definitely gaining attention. She is only 20 (crazy right) and competed on Holland’s Got Talent in 2014.

But in 2017, two of her songs – Words and Up To Something received high praise in the Netherlands and began attracting attention globally. Earlier this year, she released her debut EP Bits of Naaz, which is one of the cleanest, well-produced debut albums I have ever heard.

It is evident that Naaz has dedicated a lot of time and care to the production of this album. It is a short album, with only eight songs and a run time of twenty minutes; it is definitely short, but sweet. The album has a pop focus, and with DIY pop being a huge fav of mine, I was bound to love it. A super bubbly keyboard and synth-based instruments, with Naaz’s gentle, yet preserving voice, layered over, Naaz created a beautiful juxtaposition between fun, pop music and lyrics that emphasize meaning.

Naaz says that she always knew that she wanted to create music. She taught herself basic guitar and keyboard at thirteen and began producing her own music a mere two years later. It is no wonder that such a fulfilling, mature sound has come from an artist who has engaged with music from such a young age. Her dedication and experience is omnipresent throughout the entire twenty minutes of this album.

I would highly recommend you listen to this album and dedicate twenty minutes of your day to sit down and indulge the album in full. You’ll appreciate the thought and dedication Naaz has gifted the album completely.


  • Loving Love
  • Pretty
  • Up to Something


Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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