Your daily companions, now that you live in the Netherlands!

Do not go out with taking these!

By Elif Özer, Writer

Can you believe that it has been almost 2 months since the beginning of university? I can’t!! Time flies! Every new country brings things you need to survive and to adjust to the city’s culture! Here I have a short list of things that you should not go out without.

  • A raincoat!

You cannot trust two things all around the world. First: weight loss medications. Second: the weather in the Netherlands! Do not look out the window before going out because it might rain up until reaching your door. However, big and heavy raincoats are hard to carry on bikes, but do not worry, marketing always has an idea! You can find single use raincoat in shops that are light, pretty cheap (about 3-4 Euro), and are easy to find in shops. (You know the famous red cosmetic shop centers that I did not give its name because of reclaming! 😉

  • A mesh bag!

Did you know that a plastic poshette can take 400 years to decompose in the sea, and 800 years in soil. For sure, throwing it into recycling is always a solution, but it also does not prevent consumption-frenzy. Additionally, plastic bags are not free here. As you noticed from Dutch people, bringing your own mesh/cloth/another sort of bag is a regular shopping habit here. Get a bag in your favorite colour and never leave it!

  • A water bottle!

I do not know about you, but in my hometown, drinking water from the tap is not recommended because of the insufficient hygienic dams so we buy drinking water. When I came here, my thought was that I will never ever drink water from the tap. As you know, the biggest love begins with hatred  Please get a water bottle and do not forget it! 🙂

  • A lunch box!

Preparing my own lunch box is my new habit in this country and I love it! There are many advantages to bringing a lunch box. It is time-saving! Instead searching and finding somewhere to sit and order, you can eat your sandwich or salad in the short break between two lectures! It is money-saving! Even if the market within your school-setting is not expensive, preparing your own lunch is best option to do so! And it is healthy! Well, I cannot say a word about many options of rich cuisines in this city, but finding various vegan meals can be still hard. So do no take a risk! Again, buy a lunch box in your favorite colour (because colors have impact on our daily mood) and use it!

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