My Proefles at De Workout

By Emmi Beuger, Chief Editor

As an aspiring yogi, I have been searching for a yoga class that was affordable and accessible. It has been tough, especially with the stresses of being a student in a new country. So when I was asked if I wanted to go to a yoga class and write an article about my experience, I jumped at the chance.


This week, I had the chance to take a free class, known in Dutch as a proefles, at De Workout. De Workout is a gym that is located on the Oudegracht and offers special deals to students who have an ESN card.

When I arrived, a staff member kindly gave me a tour of the facilities. While the gym’s entrance is along the canal, the gym itself extends up into a building on the street. They have cardio machines, weights, mats, a huge spinning studio, and thirty different group exercise classes.


My class was in a basement gym area that was dimly lit and peaceful. The instructor was accomodating to both the Dutch and English-speaking students in the class. We did sets of poses, repeating them three or four times.


The instructor walked around during the poses, offering encouragement and instruction on the poses. She even helped me with one pose, helping me elongate my leg and balance.


Being able to do that pose was one of the highlights of the class for me. The instructor was so helpful is trying to help us succeed and it really showed.


At the end of class, I was definitely sore from the poses, but I felt so relaxed and strong as we did our final stretches. It was a great class with a welcoming atmosphere that not only made you feel strong and powerful, but also pushed you to try new things and new poses.


I would recommend this class to anyone who enjoys strengthening yoga class that also includes some flows, then this is the class for you. I think that this class perfectly blended yoga styles and allowed the participants to really get in tune with the process and workout.


De Workout offers a special membership for ESN members. For 150 euros, you can be a member for four months with unlimited access to the gym and its classes, and they also offer a package deal of 20 times for 99 euros. This means you can go to as many group classes as you want; you just need to show your ESN card to get this deal.

(Picture is from

This post was sponsored by ESN and De Workout.


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