Ice cream weather! These are the best 5 spots for a cold treat

Hopefully, you all share the same excitement when we’re talking about ice cream. All of the ice cream shops opened in March – who knows why they close in winter? – and I couldn’t wait to enjoy the first cold treat of the year. Sometimes, people think that’s crazy, because they are stuck with the idea that ice cream is only for summer. Well, because it’s almost summer then, I present to you the best ice cream shops of Utrecht. Try all of them, you know you want to.

  1. Roberto Gelato

This is definitely number one in my list of best ice cream shops. If you really want to experience how ice cream is supposed to taste, go here. There’s always a line, but you’ll be surprised how fast it goes. Literally all the flavours taste amazing – pick two or three (or four, or five…) and come back another time for more. Try every week, because they have a special flavour of the week which is only available for, yeah, a week.

Best flavours: all of them! But especially yoghurt, mango and white chocolate.

Where? Poortstraat 93

  1. Luciano

If you’re in the city centre and want some really good ice cream, walk towards the Nobelstraat to Luciano. They are well-known for their classic ice cream flavours, but especially for their Tony Chocolonely chocolate flavours. Never heard of Tony Chocolonely? Go to your nearest supermarket and grab a bar of Tony’s chocolate, instantly. You will know why.

Best flavours: all of the Tony Chocolonely flavours, for sure.

Where? Nobelstraat 215

  1. Il Mulino

Another great ice cream shop. Il Mulino has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of different flavours which makes it hard to choose. Got your favourite flavours? Then walk outside to sit down at the Oudegracht. At this spot there’s sun ALL DAY. Enjoy!

Best flavours: can’t choose, sorry!

Where? Adelaarstraat 4

  1. Lorenzo

Outside the city centre, at the Rijnlaan, you find Lorenzo IJssalon. The shop used to be a famous poulterer, a place where they sell poultry. The owner, Lorenz, made it into an ice cream shop back in 2003. And lucky for us that he did so, because the ice cream here is really good.

Best flavours: chocolate, hazelnut and coffee.

Where? Rijnlaan 29

  1. Venezia

And of course, Venezia. Everyone knows Venezia. Doesn’t ring a bell? Walk along the Oudegracht and find the red ice cream truck. They’ve got all sorts of flavours, but the one that’s really special is Vrede van Utrecht, a sort of cherry flavour, which refers to the peace treaty that ended the War of the Spanish Succession in 1713. Try the other flavours as well: they are also good!

Best flavours: Vrede van Utrecht, stroopwafel and the special flavours that change every week.

Where? Oudegracht 105

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