3 Amazing People You Would Like to be Familiar With

The influence of people around you as well as more famous ones are skyrocketing. We are easier to be reached than ever before. In the days of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and many more, we can bump into something interesting, outrageous or even life changing. Luckily, we are also easy to get valuable knowledge and teachings from both famous and less famous people from all around the world.

On the other hand, we all live in our social and social media bubble, which makes it harder to get different perspectives, because we mainly see opinions we aggree with. Thing brings us to the first person, who believes being around people like ourselves stops of from evolving and development. This man is not else than:

1. Dr. Jordan Peterson   

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The Canadian clinical psychologist became known in the media after his interview about the gender pay gap, however his work is more based on individuals, also understanding personal motivations. His YouTube channel consists videos of the “wrong idea” of seeking happiness, reason of life choices and understanding the beings of humans. When you look for him on YouTube, do not be intimidate by stupid clickbate videos (like destroying feminist, confronts muslim etc), the greater knowledge is behind that superficial curtain.

2. Sadhguru

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The 60 years old Indian yogi amazingly has his own YouTube channel, which you can see in the link below. Sadh guru (born Jaggi Vasudev) founded his own foundation to teach yoga, as well as travelling the world to hold speeches for his huge audience. Besides his YouTube channel he had written plenty of books as well, in a wide range of topics from the power of the mind to the role of the body.


3. Dr. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi 

Képtalálat a következőre: „mihaly csíkszentmihalyi”

The Hungarian psychologist used his own experience to create a theory for people who are able to be completely involved (and find happiness in it) in what they are doing. Csíkszentmihályi observed people in all his life to see what makes people unconditinally (withor reward or compensation) happy. Eventually he was able to theorize his idea, which he named “FLOW”. After the 80’s, he wrote multiple books to get his realization to as many people as possible. Unsurprisingly, one of them was named Flow, the other more famous ones are called “Beyond boredom and anxiety, The evolving self, and Finding the flow.

This was my short list of people I find inspiring and being an outstading teacher. Who would you recommend who helped you become who you are now?

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