Barbecue in the Park!

Now that the days are longer and warmer, it is time for one of the favorite activities of the Dutchies, which is not else than having a barbecue in the park. Friends and family get together at the end of the afternoon, torch up a portable or disposable barbecue, sit around on some towels, open that beer and just enjoy! The disposable barbecues are especially handy and you can find them everywhere during the season, and they are pretty cheap (pro tip: you can find the cheapest in Action).

Here is a list of my favorite parks in Utrecht to have an awesome barbecue!


This amazing park is very central in Utrecht, so it is nice to meet up with friends that come from different points in the city. You have a great view to the Dom tower, there are plastic chairs to chill, and it is surrounded by the canal, which gives a fresh atmosphere. There is a very iconic bandstand, which holds concerts sometimes, for example you can check “Lazy Sunday Afternoons” or it’s very own festival “Lepeltje Lepeltje“.

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This park is one of my favorites!! It has a lake with ducks and a small hill, in case you are tired of the general flatness. For the little ones, it even has a playground and a didactic farm (it’s also suitable for the grown ups, so don’t shy away!). There is also a pretty cool skate park as well. It is very common to see bootcamp classes passing through, especially during the warmer months. There are some festivals happening, like the “Foodtruck Festival Trek“.



For me this is one of the most fascinating parks in Utrecht, and it is one of the oldest ones. It is very big compared to others, and it is fenced all around. Has roughly three parts. The second has a small zoo, which is absolutely lovely! The second is somewhat like a small forest, with impressive trees, and benches where you can contemplate life alone or with friends in some isolation. The third is a big, grassed open space where you can have – guess what?? – a lovely barbecue!! Make sure to check out this amazing park too and watch out for events that take place there!


We hope you enjoy the sunny days in Utrecht! If you want other suggestions of how to spend your sunny afternoons make sure to also check Robin’s suggestions!

What is your favorite park for a barbecue in Utrecht? Leave your answer in the comments!

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