How To Be an Unusual Erasmus Student

 1. Don’t be afraid to stand out. When you get to know each other with your fellow exchange students, everyone is going through the same process. You don’t know others, you are afraid to show yourself, so you would try to fit in by doing the same things as everyone else. Feel free to do the unusual things you would do otherwise.

2. Do not get surprised by literally anything. Is someone coming from the US? Are there cows on the fields? Is everyone cycling? Isn’t that crazy??? No. It is not. It just is. Especially on Erasmus, where you can see things  you have not before, or meet people from countries you did not even know existed. Also, keep in mind, anything is possible 😊

3. Do things others do not consider doing. Do you know that feeling, when you get excited about something, but then you immediately say no, I should not or cannot do that? These are exactly the little things are going to bring special fun to your life. Be the person who is not afraid doing what you love. I know it is easy to say and harder to implement, but when you realize what you like doing with your full heart, that is going to be something you were meant to find.


3+1.  My ultimate experience. When you meet new people, and when they hear you talking and you can see their eyebrows raising, that is a sign you are on a good way to be an exiting person to be around 😉

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