Time to shine! The best places to sing karaoke in Utrecht

Who doesn’t like karaoke? I mean, come on, it’s not only the funniest thing to do with your friends, it’s also a chance to show the world (well, the karaoke bar) your biggest talent: singing. As a local, I know some places around where you can enjoy a night full of singing and entertaining. These are the best places to do karaoke in Utrecht. Ready? Ok, here they come:

1. Café Ome Willem

This is the one café in Utrecht that’s fully dedicated to karaoke. From Thursdays until Sundays you can shine and sing along with the greatest songs: from old school Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to the modern hits from Adele and Beyoncé. Also, they have a lot of Dutch classics – so try one out to enhance your Dutch!

You can find Ome Willem in the city center, close to Tivoli Vredenburg. And this is their current list of songs you can choose from! So, what’s it going to be?

Café Ome Willem, Willemstraat 12, Utrecht.

giphy (7)

2. Tante Joke Karaokeband

Unfortunately, Utrecht doesn’t have that many karaoke bars, but there are fun karaoke parties once in a while. Take the Tante Joke Karaokeband (yes, a really typical name) in Tivoli Vredenburg. You can sing along with a whole band (!) to unleash your inner karaoke superstar.

Tivoli Vredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht.

3. De Salon van Weleer

Every fourth Sunday of the month you can sing along at De Salon van Weleer during ‘Karaoke with Wilma’. Come together with a lot of karaoke fanatics and spend your day singing at the top of your lungs. It’s in the afternoon, so you can start partying early (and be in bed on time).

De Salon van Weleer, Oudegracht 290, Utrecht.

4. Café Weerdzicht

Want to start your weekend the most amazing way? Go to Café Weerdzicht on the last Friday of the month for some real cosy karaoke. Here, you can sing on your own, but it’s very common to sing in a group or with, well, everyone who’s there. And to be honest: that’s way more fun!

Café Weerdzicht, Oudegracht 1, Utrecht.


5. Le Clochard

There’s also a monthly karaoke night at Le Clochard. On every last Friday of the month, you can sing as loud as you like with all your friends from 11 P.M. till early in the morning. Sounds like fun? Well, it is!

Le Clochard, Ridderhofstad 2, Utrecht.

Want to party more? Check our recommendations for a night out in Utrecht!

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