The Revolution of Travelling

Do you have a friend, who you keep spotting on Facebook or Instagram travelling somewhere around the globe, and you wonder how they are just doing it?

The answer is simple.

In people’s perception travelling, and especially taking a flight, is equal to an expensive investment to a place far beyond home.

But this trend has changed recently. Not just nearby destinations had become available by plane, but with the emergence of low-cost airlines, and cheap-travel oriented blogs and pages, it is easier to find wonderful and affordable trips all around the globe than ever before!

When it comes to certain destinations, such as North-America, Far-East Asia or Australia, people tend to stop at the stage of dreaming about it, as ‘it is going to cost a fortune’. Well…not anymore. Forget Skyscanner and other search engines, and start looking at the right places. The chances are there, and they are just waiting to be grabbed and bring the world closer to you. If I were you, I would hit the “LIKE” button on multiple sites, such as “TravelFree” and “Fly4free Europe flight deals”, just to name a few, where the unexpected journeys are waiting for you in piles. Besides cheap tickets, suggestions for accommodation deals can also be found there, so everything is given for you to do it!


If you dig this penguin and you would love seeing him exploring other awesome places, follow him on Instagram! (He also travels really cheap 😉 )

Believe me, I was writing this article from a tiny island the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which cost less than a festival ticket. It is up to you how you spend your money.

See, do not just look. Then you will realize how much you can gain from the data-pile around you.

Where do you see yourself when you close your eyes?  😉

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