My favorite places in Utrecht

In Utrecht there are many places to visit and hang out, but some of them are not always easy to find. These two international students already have been living in Utrecht for a longer period of time. They will share their personal recommendations and favorite places with you!


Jia Li (China)

“I didn’t know Utrecht existed until I saw in 2010 the Dutch football team playing against the Spanish team during the finals of the football world cup. During watching these finals, my father told me a lot of good Dutch players grew up in Utrecht. Later when I was looking for an interesting PhD programme, I discovered the university of Utrecht would be an excellent fit for me! Now I have been living here for about eight months and I’m really enjoying my time here. After a day of studying, I like to stroll around the Dom area and to visit the small Pandhof garden. When I want to treat myself with a snack, I sometimes go to the Vietnamese street food truck on the Oudegracht. Here you can buy excellent fried spring rolls. I like to hang out with my friends at café Olivier. This café is known for its enormous beer menu, but also the interior of this café is very fascinating to me. Back in the days it was a church and you can still see the old ornaments. Besides this, I like to watch art house movies in ‘t Hoogt. This is both a café and cinema, where you can actually bring your drinks from the café into the cinema! Every third Sunday of the month they organize a movie night in the ‘Metal Cathedral’.”


Sebastien (The United States)

“When I came to visit Utrecht three years ago, I knew this would be an awesome place to study and live. Besides the good reputation of the university, the city is very green and you can bike everywhere! I have been living here for a year now and I’m still having a good time. Although I have to study a lot, I made friends with people of all different nationalities. We like to go out for dinner in the city centre. My favorite go to restaurant is Saowapa. This is a Thai restaurant, where they make amazing curries and pad thais. When I want to eat good Mexican food, I like to visit Chidoz. Their burritos are freshly prepared and almost taste like the burritos in Mexico. In the weekends I enjoy biking in and around the city to discover new places. For example, this is how I discovered fort Vechten in Bunnik. This fort is one of the biggest forts around Utrecht and definitely a must see! Castle De Haar is also worth a visit. This is a beautiful ancient castle, surrounded by an enormous garden. When the sun is out, I like to stroll around different parks in Utrecht. My favorite park is park Oog in Al, because of the deers you can visit here.

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