Surfing in the Netherlands: 3 Best Spots

Are you thinking about catching some waves during your stay abroad? Then let me present you three of the finest places for surfing in the Netherlands. Because the water is very cold, you should wear a wetsuit no thinner that 5/3. But whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find here the right option for you!

Wijk aan Zee


This region on the Dutch northern coast is one of the hottest spots for surfing. The difficulty is suited for beginners, with soft sand bottom, and waves come from right and left, beach break type. However, because it is so popular, it can get very crowded at times.

If you are looking for a surfing school or shop in Wijk aan Zee, you have Ozlines Surf, where you will find everything you need to surf these waves. If you are looking for a more immersive experience, they also organize surf camps, including abroad!

Scheveningen Noord


This spot is close to the very beautiful city of the Hague, and the most touristic beach of the Netherlands, namely Scheveningen. This is more suited for an intermediate surfer, because the bottom can also have rocks and the waves are point break, and mainly from the right – this is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a challenge. However, because it is so close to a big city, sometimes pollution can be an issue.

The two main surf schools and shops are Aloha – that has a webcam feature in their website that allows you to see the seashore in real time! – and Hart Beach, powered by Quicksilver. Both provide surfcamps as well, and serve some delicious food at their huts!

Bergen aan Zee


Our last location is the northernmost of all three. Some say that it is the absolute best spot for surfing in the Netherlands! There are almost always waves, which are point break, right and left, and the bottom is soft sand.

The local surf school and shop is called – very originally – Bergen aan Zee, powered by O’Neill. On top of the normal services, they also offer kitesurf and stand up paddle.

Where will you catch you next wave? Let us know in the comments!

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