The Best Coffee Spots in Utrecht

As a student, we are all looking for one thing in life. And I’m not talking about love or the quietest study spot. No, I’m talking about the one elixir that keeps us all alive: COFFEE! Luckily, the number of nice cafés and restaurants in Utrecht is infinitive. I made it my personal mission to find the hidden gems and secret spots for the best coffee in Utrecht! Here is my first Top 3.

‘t Koffieboontje

Let’s start off with my all time favourite spot: ‘t Koffieboontje (‘the coffee bean’).Their 100% biological sortiment includes a wide range of gluten-, lactose- and sugar free products. Heaven on earth for a lactose-intolerant like me!
For their coffee they are using one of my favourite beans: Bocca. It is not only fair trade coffee but also simply tastes amazing!
Besides all those coffee facts, the interior design of ‘t Koffieboontje is insane. I mean just look at this table!
They have two locations in Utrecht: One right in the centre (Oudegracht 92) and a second one (my personal favourite) in front of a windmill! If you have the time to go to the second location (Gruttersdijk 42), I would highly recommend it. There is nothing better than eating your oreo brownie and drinking your oat milk cappuccino while enjoying the view on an old, Dutch windmill.


If you want to escape the busy centre a little bit, Stael should be your café of choice! Just walk along the Oudegracht, enjoy the view on the dom from one of the many small bridges and by no time you will find yourself in front of the café (Twijnstraat 9). You can not only admire the stunning wall art but also, if you lucky, get a spot at the windows with an amazing view on the gracht.
I am usually not a big fan of sweet syrups in my coffee but at Stael I made an exception and it was more than worth it. Three words: Salted Caramel Cappuccino. Believe me you do not want to miss out on this one in your life! And for all the not-coffee-lovers out there, do not worry! Stael’s has an amazing hot chocolate on their menu for you!


de Ontdekking

My third favourite coffee spot is de Ontdekking (‘the discovery’), which is located close to Uni in (Voorstraat 110). I’m a traveller by heart and I can imagine many of you are too. If so, this cafe is the perfect spot for you. At the location of De Ontdekking, a travel agency has been operating for the past 60 years. With a nod to this past, they retained the travel theme in the menu and the layout of our building. You can find a South African loft, an Australian bar and a Latin American inspired couch area. De Ontdekking offers a cozy, informal environment in which every corner has its own atmosphere. The menu offers suitable, home-made dishes for every moment of the day. Especially their fresh smoothies are worth a try!

How about you? What are you favourite coffee spots on Utrecht?

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