Word Wars – Beautiful Online World

Did you ever have that feeling, when you went on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any social media, that people hate each other when it comes to different opinions? In the 21st century, this amazing phenomenon appeared to show how much people got closer to each other courtesy of the aforementioned platforms.


It can be any controversial post, when people disagree, they do not stop here, but they feel the need to flood the “opposition” with mean comments, wishing them a not so beautiful future. Have you ever bumped into a post when a vegan said killing animals is not a way to live? Or maybe someone who said third wave feminism is a bit over the top?Maybe something about migration in Europe? Or even just a bad comment about your favourite sports team.

It doesn’t actually matter what the topic is. Any given topic can be approached from multiple perspectives, and in the time of free speech they are all free to share what they think. And this is where impersonality became violent. When we see those comment-sections, where people just throw trash at each other, we do not understand how can these people treat each other this way. This is the point. Most of the time they do not even realize that they are sending an actual human being to hell. It is perceived as “just someone” in the online universe.


Isn’t this scary? People who do not even know each other just go crazy and start proving that they are right and the other person is wrong? Or just in general to see that treating others like a piece of garbage just because they have a different opinion. Imagine the same situation in real life. Someone says something, and a pedestrian just goes up to one and send one to hell. Just because we don’t see the other person, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Another thing is that people want to be heard so desperately, that many times they think their only chance to have it is with this. There is always a reason.

Besides that, once I had a really fun idea. What if commeting would not be free? Do you think people would still pay money just to throw trash at others? I believe they would, but much less. The only problem is that it might be a free-speech reason. It is hard to decide.

What do you guys think of the borderline of free-speech?

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