Happen to be in the city? Let’s go to the beach!

I have a riddle for you: You  have a cocktail in one hand, a good book in another one, there is a timid sun touching your skin and children are playing in the sand next to you. Where are you?

A beach by the ocean? Almost, but not quite! You are actually on a beach by a canal or lake in your very own city of Utrecht! That’s right!! City beaches are becoming an increasingly popular amusement, where you can just go with your friends on a whim to make the best of the summer rays of sun. Because let’s face it: you need a beach as close as possible to run to fast while the good weather lasts!

Follow me in discovering the best city beaches of Utrecht!

SOIA: Strand Oog in Al

SOIA is one of the biggest and well-known city beaches of Utrecht. It is by IMG_0213-640x330the Amsterdam- Rijnkanaal and you have a beautiful view to the canal and the yellow bridge. Often enough a big cargo ship passes by (as you can see in the cover picture), which gives it a very dynamic atmosphere. You have an grassed area, where you can just lay your towel and enjoy the sun, and there is also a sanded area, if you prefer, in front of the bar, where plastic beach chairs are available for your amusement. It usually has a very comfortable family feeling. The SOIA bar is the soul of the place – they arrange from open-air yoga classes to sunset parties famous all around. Oh, and you can also swim in the canal, of course! Check out the SOIA website.

Down Under

If you are looking for an adrenaline kick, venture to go a little bit further away from the Strand-overzicht-totaalkleincenter of Utrecht, more precisely to Nieuwegein, and you will find a splendid beach, where you have a vast sand area, as well as a grass area, and the you can get gradually in the water, no jumping in the canal required!

Cablepark-Down-UnderIf you are a fan of water sports, this city beach is everything you were looking for: here you can do wakeborad, water skiing, body boarding and more!! In addition to this, they often organize other sport events, like curling, bubble footbal and flying shoot! Interested? Make sure to check their agenda at the Down Under website.

Key West Beachhouse

Near Haar Zuilen, in Haarrijnseplas, you will find a really nice beach by the lake, with a restaurant that haskey-west-beachhouse a 50’s atmosphere, which is more business casual than the previous places. However, the beach itself can get pretty full pretty early if the day is sunny! Check the website of Key West Beachhouse for more info on the location. Pro tip: make the most of your trip to this city beach by visiting the beautiful castle nearby, the Kasteel de Haar.

What is your favorite spot to enjoy the summer in Utrecht? Leave all your fav’s in the comments!

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