Three must read Dutch books translated in English

During this cold winter time you sometimes want to stay at home, lay in bed and watch  series on Netflix. But what do you do when you have watched all episodes of your favorite series? You can start reading a book of a Dutch writer translated in English! Here’s our pick of four great Dutch... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Cities: Utrecht VS Rotterdam

For a majority of my life I've lived in a town next to Rotterdam and spent most of my time in the city centre of Rotterdam. I also studied at the university of Rotterdam for one year before coming to Utrecht. During the three years I've been in Utrecht, I've noticed quite a lot of... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Kingsday

Every country has its own national holiday(s). In the Netherlands, we have King’s Day, or in Dutch: Koningsdag. It is a big celebration and the whole country joins. If you’re an international, it’s quite an experience. If you also want to celebrate Koningsdag (which you should!), read this article to be prepared. What is Koningsdag?... Continue Reading →

Word Wars – Beautiful Online World

Did you ever have that feeling, when you went on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any social media, that people hate each other when it comes to different opinions? In the 21st century, this amazing phenomenon appeared to show how much people got closer to each other courtesy of the aforementioned platforms. It can be any... Continue Reading →

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