How to Date a Vegan Girl

“Hey, I’m Lara and I’m vegan” – is NOT the way I usually introduce myself. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m happy to tell you some essential tips and things you should know before dating a vegan/vegetarian girl!

1. We love to eat.

We just don’t eat the secretions of another creatures or that were once alive. Other than that, everything is fair game and we’re the most adorable little piglets around. And believe me when I say, we don’t come with a small appetite – vegan portions are huge. So, prepare yourself for a girl that won’t be shy about finishing the whole plate (and maybe your side salad, too).

2. We can eat out just about anywhere.

Seriously, we’re used to playing menu Jenga and putting together a meal just about anywhere. However, if you want to make a good first impression, simply have a look at the menu online before the date to guarantee that we’ll have a couple of options. We will definitely thank you for the extra effort! 😉

SLA is a great vegan date spot

3. You can totally ask us about veganism…

We honestly love talking about it with people who aren’t judgy dongs. Ask us questions from an honest and curious place, and you’ll get a thoughtful response.

4. …but you can also talk with us about normal topics!

This may come as a surprise but as much as we love talking about food and our diet, you can also have completely normal conversations with us. I know, it’s a shock…

5. Please don’t eat a burger in front of us and go “mmmMMMmmm DON’T YOU MISS THIS!?” as the blood drips down your gaping maw.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t (usually) have a problem with you not being vegan. But moves like this will definitely result in an unhappy ending for you.

6. I’ve got 99 problems and protein ain’t one. 

Honestly, if I had a Euro every time someone asked me where I get my proteins from, I would be a freaking billionaire. As I said before, we are open to answer questions about our diet but maybe just google this one yourself.

7. We’ll cook awesome food for you.

And so much of it. You will eat so well if you date a vegan because we’ve had to learn how to cook well so our diet isn’t just dry rice and broccoli.

8. We’re pretty chill.

Most people become vegans because they hate the thought of anyone suffering, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we don’t love to fight. Um, a fight-free relationship with a side of delicious homemade banana bread? Damn, dating vegans rule!

9. We don’t care much about other peoples’ opinions. 

The hardest part about being a vegan is dealing with idiots judging you. So, we have had to learn pretty fast how to not give a damn. You better prepare yourself for some weird moments with us in public hehe

10. You don’t have to be vegan, you just have to be a good person.

Many of our closest friends and family aren’t vegan (YET) and we haven’t killed them and worn them as flesh suits. YET. (JK, we’re vegan!)

To sum it up: Dating a vegan girl is not much different from dating a “meat-eating” one. It’s complicated, stressful, time-consuming but in the end worth every moment.

What are your experiences in dating a vegan? Leave a comment down below!
(I actually just want to hear how amazing we are tho)

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