How to avoid studying (Part II)

We have discussed this earlier but the feeling comes back every time you open a book. You want to have as much fun as you can during your time as a student, but studying gets in the way. I have given seven ways to avoid studying, but to make it an even ten, here are three more!

#1 Learn useless stuff on YouTube

You don’t need to go to expensive courses or classes to learn stuff to impress your friends! We live in a glorious era where you’re just a couple clicks away from a (semi) professional tutorial on how to do awesome, useless or even annoying stuff. You can learn how to play ‘Wonderwall’ on the guitar and be the douchebag who ruins every party! If you want impress a cute boy or a girl, learn some very mediocre salsa moves! Learn how to say “Cheers” in 23 different languages! YouTube is your go-to pall to learn the best things

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-16 om 11.32.18

#2 What kind of pizza are you?

You have seen the posts on Facebook. “What kind of Pizza are you?” or “What kind of Warrior are you?”. A lot of people make fun of these tests, and it is known as the most useless thing to do to avoid studying. But there is a reason why: It works! It is amazing how easy you lose track of time with these awesome tests.

And by the way: People who say this is the most useless thing ever on the internet are stupid. Knowledge is power and you never know if there is ever a time where you need this information! When I was looking for a room in Utrecht, I went to a lot of nights where the potential housemates asked me all kinds of stupid questions. These tests helped me prepare for such moments.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-16 om 11.33.49.png

#3 Go to ALL the ESN activities

Here at ESN, we work our asses of to come up and organize cool stuff for you to do while you’re here. And man… These activities are AWESOME! The daytrips show you the beauty of our little country. The international Kitchens are a great way to learn about you fellow students and food from all cultures.  The activities organized nothing but great adventures! Sailing, Bouldering & Quidditch (!?) Are you kidding me? That is sooo awesome!! And as a extra bonus: All the volunteers are total sweethearts! This is by far the best advice I can give you. Learn a bunch of new cool people, do amazing cool stuff and avoid studying at the same time!

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