Story time

Once upon a time, the tribe was preparing for winter. The chief sent his people to the forest to get firewood. The men spent hours and hours collecting a good amount to survive the winter. When they arrived home, the chief sent a young boy to the wise man.

The wise man lived on the top of the hill, watching over the tribe. The wise man had great knowledge, and was a trusted adviser to the chief, when it came to leading his people. The young boy was ordered to ask the wise man how strong this winter is going to be. He did so, receiving the answer that this winter will indeed be cold. The boy forwarded the news to the chief, who ordered his people to go back to the forest, to bring more firewood.

The men did accordingly, again, collecting wood for hours and hours. They went back, and this time the chief wanted to be sure they were well prepared for the winter. The boy was sent to the wise man again. The wise man predicted this winter will be very cold. When the chief heard the news, he told every person in the village to go, to collect as much wood as possible.

After many hours, the people came back with carts full of wood, they did not even have enough space to store it. They filled all the tents, no space was left without firewood. For the last time, the chief sent the boy up the hill to ask, if they now have enough to survive the winter.

The boy climbed the hill, asked the wise man, who gave an answer to him for the third time, saying that this winter is going to be the coldest he has ever seen. The boy could not hold his curiosity any longer, eventually he asked the wise man, how he could tell this winter is going to be the coldest. The wise man abruptly pointed at the village:


“Look how much wood they collected, it needs to be the coldest winter I have ever seen”.

Based on who or what do you make your decisions?

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