Welcome to Utrecht: highlights of the Intro Week

A new great semester is about to start, and ESN is there with you every step of the way. The new residents of the beautiful city of Utrecht had a chance to visit it with the help of more other students that already know all the secrets!

Introduction Day

On the introduction day, groups of brand new internationals had a day to explore the city with the guidance of the mentors. There was time to make the highest tower under the tower…

joco (2) intro day

… and to play some fancy pool!

joco (3) intro day

For the brave that still had energy after such an eventful day, the night was also full of excitement at Woolloomooloo!


Intro Week

After the introduction day, a more prolonged introduction to the student life in Utrecht was kickstarted. During the introduction week, smaller groups of internationals and their mentors took part in different activities organized exclusively for them!

Some groups did laser tag…

joco (4) day 2

… while others had the Cantus…

joco (2) day 2
During the Cantus
joco (3) day 2
After the Cantus

… with notorious before and after differences.

The following days had a healthy dose of bowling…
joco (2)

joco (3)

… and, because our internationals are extremely gifted, karaoke!

joco day4

In the name of the JoCo, I wish all of the new internationals in Utrecht a great experience abroad! We are here to help you make the most of your time here, sharing our tips and knowledge. We are also here to give you a voice, so if you think there is something that you would like us to talk about leave us a message in the comments!

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