Single’s Guide to Valentine’s day

Oh no. Valentine’s day is approaching violently again and you’re still single! And no one asked you on a date! Or your SO is in another country and cannot make it to be with you on the 14th of February! Don’t panic. You’re allowed to bawl a little bit, but then you must get your mojo back together and start thinking about having some fun!

And I’m here to give you my killer tips about how to love the love day even if you are on your own.

1. If you don’t want to spend Valentine’s alone

1.1. Go on Tinder to find a last minute date

If you really cannot imagine yourself without a romantic date with someone else, desperate times call for desperate measures. And Tinder is in order. Go on the app, change your description to make your real motives clear, and swipe right. Swipe right until your thumb hurts. Swipe right until your daily limit is over. This is not the time to be picky.

When you get matches, go directly to the subject, there is no time to waste! You will find a kindred soul that was also looking for a date for that special date, and bingo!

1.2. Check out which friends are also spending it alone

If you’re not the only one in your pack that will be spending a somewhat lonesome Valentine’s day, try to make plans with them, and together laugh at the face of social pressure to find a romantic date on Valentine’s. Maybe you can get your own “romantic” plans, or you can just have a normal friends night.

2. If you don’t mind spending Valentine’s alone

2.1. Make it a “me” evening

You are your own person and you can spend time with yourself, right?

If you are more inclined towards cozy plans, my personal recommendation would be to cook dinner, get a bottle of wine, a pink blanket and watch Titanic. Why did you die Jack, whyyy????


You can also think of something that you have been wanting to do for a while and use this opportunity to get it done. For example, is your mom’s birthday coming up and you still haven’t bought her a present? You can take the time to browse the internet and find a special gift for her. Have you been thinking of taking a more active role in your community, but don’t know how? Look for projects that would fire up your passion. Do you want to take on a new hobby, like knitting? Buy the material in advance and start doing it! May not be so romantic, but it will give you a feeling of fulfillment and self-love.

2.2. Take yourself out on a romantic date

This is the bravest option of all. Actually going out on a date, just by yourself.

Order flowers to be delivered at your door before you go to dinner. Make a reservation in that restaurant that you have been checking out for a while, but haven’t tried yet. Dress up until you feel like a doll. Or comfortable, your choice.

When the time comes, take a deep breath, leave your phone at home, and just do it. Let it sink in. The place is as nice as you expected, the food is really good and everyone is happy around you. Everything is ok. You’re ok.

And above all, just remember to love yourself and keep smiling. Happy Valentine’s day!




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