How to Deal with Loneliness During Erasmus?

Not Tinder.

But let’s take it more seriously. If you find it difficult to deal with leaving your close ones behind and building up new relationships from ground zero, loneliness can be a serious awry of your exchange.

When you are not easy with making friends in the beginning of the exchange, you might start questioning yourself, but many experience it, believe me. Meeting the expectation of others or the fear of missing out, if you do not join as many events as possible, can be an issue. Or you are just simply not fascinated with having shallow conversations with others, who are just as afraid to open up as you are. I have been in the same situation last year, and my thought was: “Everything is better than staying at home and doing nothing”.

In this article, I would love to present you some possibilities, which would have helped me last year to deal with being alone. For this, it is important to enjoy your own company, (I believe, me and I are really good friends 😀 ) and NOT TO BE AFRAID OF BEING ALONE.

Yes, this is the most important. You have no one to meet up with at the moment? Others invited you to an event you are not tickled by?  You might avoid feeling blue with the following useful(?) tips:

  1. Get a Museum Card. It is valid for a whole year, and if we consider that for ~60€, you have free entrance for almost every museum in The Netherlands, it is a fun deal. Especially for rainy days (whose high number is something I assume you are aware of). This can also help you filter the people you have common interests with.
  2. Cycle. I know it sounds cliché, but the fact that you can cycle between cities is awesome. As it is extremely hard to find classic escape destinations, such as mountains (LOL) or big forests, cycling can give you some headspace, it also allows you to pay more attention to yourself, which, trust me, you need.
  3. Initiate. The best way to share what you love to do with others is to organize it yourself. Whether it is a poker or board game night, a football game or yoga workshop, you can count on yourself. The people who are joining you are already open, which means you have a base to start your friendship on.
  4. Say what you want to say. Go beyond the “Where are you from” and “What do you study questions”. Do not worry about others not liking you. If you have a click with someone immediately, it will be more meaningful, than 10 other conversations about things you do no even care about.
  5.  Tinder. Meditation. Just 10 minutes a day. When you get to know yourself better, loneliness is much more bearable than you would imagine.

I hope you can use some of these suggestions during those days which ones I also hope are not going to come 🙂

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