Desperately in need of a great present? These are the 10 best giftshops in Utrecht

When we get older it’s harder to find a gift for someone. What to give? Booze, a book or a giant birthday card (including sounds) – admit it, it’s a challenge every time. When we were kids it was so much easier. Just buy us some toys and cake and it was the Best. Birthday. Ever. But now? The only things we really need are money, a good night’s sleep and some comfort food. But unfortunately, these things are not so easy to wrap. Luckily for you we selected the top 10 of best giftshops in Utrecht when you’re totally out of inspiration.

We know, the official gift season is over. But the cold winter months always seem to be that time of the year when it suddenly is everyone’s birthday. So in case you also have a lot of those birthdays to celebrate: now you know where to shop the perfect gift.

The top 10 giftshops in Utrecht

1. It’s a present

Looking for an original birthday gift including a funny birthday card? This is the place to be. This small store is located in the city center of Utrecht and they sell the funniest and weirdest presents that put a smile on your face. Or even better: on the face of the birthday boy/girl.

It’s a present, Lijnmarkt 16.


2. Keck & Lisa

This is also a small store, located at the Zadelstraat near Mariaplaats. They sell the best gifts: from travel books till the cutest home decorations. You just want to buy everything.

Keck & Lisa, Zadelstraat 38.

3. Flying Tiger

You’ve probably already payed a visit to this amazing store. They have literally everything you need. Or things you didn’t think you needed, but hey, now you do. Wander through this store and you’ll find the perfect gift. Promise.

Flying Tiger, Oudegracht 118.

4. Beadies

If the person you need to buy a gift for is a girl, go to Beadies. Well, only if she really likes jewelry. They sell beautiful jewelry and accessories of good quality. Is she more into creating her own gems? Choose from all the different beads, chains, pendants, charms, stones and jewels to put together an original piece of jewelry.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-26 om 19.42.47

Beadies, Oudegracht 193.

5. Sissy Boy

Sissy Boy sells clothes and beautiful stuff for your home. Or 12 square meter room. They have all sorts of decorations which will make your friend really happy. Plants, photo frames, candles, jewelry boxes, vases – you name it.

Sissy Boy, Oudegracht 124-126.

6. All the Luck in the World

This concept store will steal your heart: you can buy here the most beautiful necklaces, bracelets and other accessoires. And hopefully this gift will bring your friend ‘all the luck in the world’.

All the Luck in the World, Zadelstraat 15.

7. Things I Like Things I Love

Another concept store. You could never have enough of those. Beautiful clothes, pretty accessoires and cool interior items, that’s what they sell here. Literally all the things you like and love.

Things I Like Things I Love, Oudegracht 364.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-26 om 20.07.01

8. Urban Outfitters

Not a very unknown brand, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in this list. Urban Outfitters sells the coolest and quirkiest gear for your wardrobe, interior and overall lifestyle. And for your lucky friend, of course.

Urban Outfitters, Oudegracht 152-156.

9. Hema

Another famous store, but this place is as Dutch as you can get, so it needs to be in this list. Hema is the place you go for whatever it is you need. They. Have. Everything. That’s why finding a gift is an easy job around here.

Hema, Steenweg 59 (but there are many more).

10. Bijenkorf

Want a fancier gift? Go to the giant building of the Bijenkorf. You could wander around for hours and find a beautiful gift for your special someone. Especially during sales.

Bijenkorf, Sint Jacobsstraat 1A.

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