Procrastination for the nation: 7 ways to avoid studying


You know the feeling. You feel like you should be doing all sorts of other stuff in your life but instead you’re just sitting on your desk, studying… Deep down inside you know that there are so many more important things life has to offer besides studying. But what else can you do??Here are 7 ways to help you avoid studying and do the important things in life.

#1 Hang out with friends

The college years are supposed to be the best years of your life. You can’t be in social exile and have the best time of your life. So, get up, call your friends and meet them for coffee or a beer. Share the latest gossip and talk about your romantic conquests and/or failures. Listen to the stories, they tell you about personal difficulties with life and studying. You will recognize their problems and they will recognize yours. With these shared emotional problems, you will forge a friendship that both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives. After all: You will meet your best friends during your college life.

#2 Tinder

In the words of Lenny Kravitz: “Let love rule”! Everybody knows that love is the most important thing in life (definitely more important than good grades!)
Are you sick of seeing all your friends dating? Are you tired of the questions from your mom about when you finally will settle down with a nice boy or girl? Or are you just lonely? Take matters into your own hand and try this great app called Tinder! Nothing will get your mind of studying like swiping mindlessly through profile pictures of the opposite (or same) sex. If you are lucky enough to have a match, engage in awkward chattery, trying to make your match think you’re amazingly smart and interesting! If you have the cojones, ask them out for a date and let the awkwardness continue. Maybe he or she is just as emotional insecure as you and the both of you will fall in love! Kill two birds with one stone: Fall in love and avoid studying! This might be the best advice I have for you.

#3 Clean your room

If you finally have decided to study, take a good look in your room. You can’t possibly study in this mess! The best thing to do right now is clean that shit. Plus: You never know when you have friends or a lover in your room. You don’t want them to think you’re a disgusting little piggy. Save yourself the embarrassment and avoid studying by doing something responsible and hygienic.

*Important: You might think you’re ready with cleaning your room and therefor ready to study, but most people forget about all the other things to clean. Have you done the dishes? Have you ironed your shirts? Is all the hair out of the shower drain? No…? Get back to cleaning! You ain’t ready to study!!

#4 Netflix

When people tend to study a lot, they can forget a basic human right: Being up to date with all the latest Netflix shows.
As Nelson Mandela once said: “No man or woman, no matter what they study, should be afraid of spoilers because they aren’t up to date with Narcos, Riverdale, Stranger things or any other Netflix show because they had to study!”
After all, binge-watching is important for your personal development. You should be able to have and express your opinion about the social injustice that reveals itself in “How to Make a Murderer”. Developing your awareness of cultural masterpieces and being able to discuss this art is an important part of your time as a student. You simply can’t let this get in the way by something as mundane as studying.

#5 Shopping

Being part of the modern world means you have certain responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is that you help the economy grow by consuming. Consuming aka shopping will make you and others feel better. Buying nice clothes, make-up, colognes, fresh toothbrushes will make you more attractive and likeable. If you have enough food and drinks in the house, you can welcome any weary traveller with whatever they would like or need.
So, you can ask yourself at any time: “Do I have enough clothes and food for any occasion I can possibly think of?” Probably not. So, get out and spend that money! If you by any chance have all the things you need. You still need to get out and buy pens and notebooks to help you study. If you also have all of that. Think of something else you need, you can’t have everything yet! If you don’t have any money, you can always go window-shopping. (Dreaming is important!)

#6 Drinking

If you’re still stuck with studying and you can’t find a way to procrastinate studying. Have a beer, a glass or wine or any kind of alcoholic beverage. You will soon find the motivation to study to leave your body like a dying man’s spirit. Invite your friends over and have great drunk intellectual conversations. But be sure to not drink too much! Because remember kids: “binge-watching is cool, binge-drinking is for fools”.

#7 Write an article on how to avoid studying

As I am writing this important manual. I should be studying for my exams, which are pretty soon. But I feel like as a writer, you have to believe in your own product. Therefor I’m leading by example and avoid studying by writing this article. As I am writing my final sentences I am already contemplating how to avoid the books for the rest of today. Luckily, I have just written down several ideas so I’m good to go. If you yourself have any good ideas or Netflix recommendations, please put them down in the comment section.

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