2018 bucket list for your stay in the Netherlands

First of all, the JoCo wishes you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s make this year awesome!

Each year we say that we will start doing this or stop doing that. But let’s be honest, most of the time our big plans get dashed throughout the middle of January. That is why we came up with a bucket list for 2018, you really want to stick to!

Go to the Efteling

The Efteling is one of the oldest theme parks in the world. It is a fantasy themed park that features over 30 attractions spread throughout four different fantastical realms: Fairy, Adventure, Travel, and Alternative. Definitely worth a visit! 

See 8 windmills at one glance

The Zaanse Schans is famous worldwide for its eight historic windmills, which were built in the mid-to-late 16th century, and its 35 historical houses. You will even find the very first Albert Heijn among them! The attraction is easy to reach via public transport and free of entrance.

zaanse schans
ESN day trip to the Zaanse Schans in 2017

Explore Utrecht’s neighborhoods

Who says you have to go far to travel? Utrecht has way more to offer than the Oudegracht or the dom tower. So, take your camera and take a stroll through the different areas of Utrecht. You will find great cafes, restaurants, parks, street art and architecture all throughout the city! In the ESN Abroad magazine we are providing you with inside tips for each neighborhood. So check it out!

Go to an ESN cantus

Participating at a cantus is a Dutch student tradition you really don’t want to miss!  During this amazing night you will dressed up according to the theme, sing your favourite songs and drink like the Dutchies do! Afterwards you are going to have a great party at Poema! Sounds amazing right? Keep an eye on the dates on our ESN Utrecht Facebook page!
P.S. If you’re lucky, there might still be tickets available for next week’s Jungle Cantus!

Singing Lady Gaga at the ESN Halloween Cantus

Take a stroll through tulip fields

The Netherlands is famous for its tulip fields, especially those of the Keukenhof, which is the world’s second largest flower garden with approximately 7 million flower bulbs. It’s an incredible experience to walk through seemingly never ending flower fields and to discover all the different shaped and coloured tulips. The park is open each year from mid-March to mid-May.

Go ice skating

You probably already noticed that the Dutchies are crazy about their ice skating! They even have an event that is all about ice skating: De Elfstedentocht. With the help of ESN Utrecht you could tick of this point off your bucket list in no time! On the 10th of January, we will go to the indoor ice skating hall in Utrecht to have an amazing time on the ice. The best thing? The event is FOR FREE! So, head over to our FB page and hit that ‘going button’!


Go to a music festival

The Netherlands is known for its vivid music scene. There are many cool festivals, especially during the summer months, that belong on everyone’s bucket list. It doesn’t matter if you’re into house, techno, pop, rock, hip hop or indie – the perfect festival is out there! So, head over to this page to find your ideal match!

Celebrate King’s Day

On the 27th of April, the whole Netherlands is celebrating the birthday of King Willem Alexander’s birthday! During the day, people are allowed to sell things on the street without requiring a permit. Flea (‘free’) markets are held in parks and streets, with many people offering their unwanted possessions, music or other entertainment for sale. In Utrecht, the flea markets even start the night before King’s Day. So, put on some orange clothes and experience the Netherlands like never before!

Ever ask yourself where to take someone on a first date? Or how to impress your Dutch friends/crush with a funny saying?
The JoCo knows the answers!  So, keep an eye on our blog for more!


5 Facebook pages you should like

Scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook timeline is something I do more often than I would like to admit. Especially on lazy days, I can easily get lost in the world of memes and BuzzFeed quizzes. During all this ‘Facebook research’, I found some quite useful, funny and entertaining Facebook pages. Since I’m probably not the only one with this habit, I’m happy to share them with you!

  1. I know this great little place in Utrecht
    Utrecht is full of little, hidden spots that are definitely worth a visit. Since they’re hidden, it’s hard to find these spots on your own. Luckily, “I know this great little place in Utrecht” is a Facebook page that highlights bars, restaurants, museums and many more places, that you otherwise would have missed.
  2. Make that the cat wise
    We Dutchies have some pretty weird sayings and expressions, like ‘Make that the cat wise’, which means something like ‘I don’t believe a word you’re saying’. To Dutch people, saying like these sound completely normal and self-evident. Until they’re translated to English. On the Facebook page “Make that the cat wise”, you can find an endless amount of posts with Dutch sayings in English. So if you like to get to know the (weird) Dutch language a little better (or if you just want to laugh at us), you should definitely like this page!
  3. 1000 life hacks
    Make your time on Facebook useful by following the Facebook page “1000 life hacks”. What is the perfect remedy for chapped lips? How to fall asleep faster? How do you keep your bathroom clean without too much effort? This Facebook pages answers these questions and a whole lot of others.
  4. Must do travels
    “Must do travels” is a page with photos and videos made by travellers around the world. From snowy landscapes, to dry deserts, to light blue oceans, they all look very beautiful and might give you some inspiration where to travel next. If you like to travel and photograph yourself, you can also send your own photos or videos to the pages to get them posted.
  5. ESN Utrecht (Blog)
    Of course, the ESN Utrecht Facebook page and our own Facebook page, ESN Utrecht Blog, can’t be absent from this list. Like the ESN Utrecht page to stay up to date about the upcoming ESN events. On the ESN Utrecht Blog page, you can find links to all our blogs, so you never have to miss out on any blogs!

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