Desperately in need of a great present? These are the 10 best giftshops in Utrecht

When we get older it's harder to find a gift for someone. What to give? Booze, a book or a giant birthday card (including sounds) - admit it, it's a challenge every time. When we were kids it was so much easier. Just buy us some toys and cake and it was the Best. Birthday.... Continue Reading →

How to survive the Dutch weather? 5 tips and tricks

When you live in The Netherlands, you have little to complain about. You can bike where ever you want, you can find a coffee shop in basically every neighborhood of the city and you can celebrate several Dutch traditions like Sinterklaas. There’s only one thing… The weather. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, it... Continue Reading →

6 Must see movies of 2018

New year, new movies! Make sure you don’t miss these 6 movies coming out this year.   Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Release date in the Netherlands: 11 January 2018 Genre: Drama This movie tells the story of a woman, Mildred, who lost her daughter. Her daughter has been found murdered a few months earlier.... Continue Reading →

5 Facebook pages you should like

Scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook timeline is something I do more often than I would like to admit. Especially on lazy days, I can easily get lost in the world of memes and BuzzFeed quizzes. During all this ‘Facebook research’, I found some quite useful, funny and entertaining Facebook pages. Since I’m probably not the... Continue Reading →

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