First date? These are the most perfect places to go for a drink

Aahh Utrecht, the city of love! Well, not really actually. But when you’re here for a while and you’re single… then it’s not that strange if you have a date once in a while. First dates are always a bit awkward in some sort of way. You’ve never met or maybe you did once and you don’t really know each other (through texting perhaps, but that’s not ‘the real deal’ of course). Maybe he or she picks his nose, has a really loud voice or – worst case scenario – doesn’t know where to go! Don’t worry, you got that one covered by using our tips for the best places to go on a first date.

First date: these are the best places to go to

To avoid not knowing where you two should go in this city, we selected the best places to go to on your first date:


Lebowski is the perfect setting for your first date. It’s always ‘gezellig’, the lightening is flattering and the music is great!

Grand Cafe Lebowski, Domplein 17.


Stan & Co

This industrial looking restaurant and cafe is the best place to go for a drink! Take a seat and enjoy one (or more) of their very tasty wines while having a conversation with your maybe future lover.

Stan & Co, Ganzenmarkt 16A.


Lewis Book Cafe

This (a bit hidden) cafe has it all: books, coffee and some crazy extravagant milkshakes! If you both crave sugar and cosiness, this is the place to be.

Lewis Book Cafe, Achter Clarenburg 39.


Klein Berlijn

What is a better setting for a first date than a trendy looking cafe with a laid-back atmosphere? Our German neighbors know very well how to create the perfect place for you and your date in the urban-cool Berlin style.

Klein Berlijn, Helling 22.



If you really dig the cosy-living-room kind of style – including a lot of plants – Luc is the place where you should go. Grap dinner or have a drink (don’t forget to order the amazing bar food!).

Luc Utrecht, Voor Clarenburg 8.



Hofman is a cosy cafe where you can enjoy a special beer or a tasty glass of wine. And did you know you receive a 15% discount on all your drinks with your ESN card? Win-win, I would say.

Cafe Hofman, Janskerkhof 17A.



Are you both wine lovers? Enjoy a mini wine tasting at this cute little wine bar. Just tell the waiter/waitress what you like and they will serve you the perfect wine.

Wijnbar VinVin Utrecht, Predikherenstraat 19.



Walden is the perfect place for a first date – this cafe has a relaxed environment, a great (and cheap!) menu and a view at the Dom! Plus: your ESN card gets you 20% off any drink you order.

Bar Walden, Domplein 16.


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