10 Dutch sayings that don’t mean anything to you, but help you impress your Dutch friends!

Gezegde engels nederlands

Whenever you’re in a new country, it is nice to fit in with the locals. We the Dutch appreciate any effort internationals make when internationals they try to fit in. But sometimes that can be hard and you don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry! I am here to help!

The Dutch have a love/hate relationship when it comes to our own language. The grammar is a pain in the ass.  But there are certain elements we love! For instance: our sayings! Sometimes it feels just amazing when you can add a nice little saying within a conversation to emphasise, exaggerate, or just say it for the fun of it.

Now we know our language is hard. I struggle daily with some sentences, but I can’t imagine how weird and hard it must be to learn them as a foreigner. Well…We can’t make it less hard, but we can make it weirder! In this article I will translate 10 Dutch sayings in English and explain what they mean. Now keep in mind that this won’t make any sense to you, I am translating them word for word as we say it in Dutch. But if you can remember them and you tell them to a Dutchie. He or she will absolutely love you!

Here we go!

  1. “Not normal. What a Closet of a house!!”

(Out of the ordinary. What a huge house!)

  1. “Make that the cat wise!”

(I don’t believe you. Try and convince the cat!”)

  1. Congratulations, but don’t walk beside your shoes!”

(Good job, but don’t feel better then you are!”

  1. He had there clean enough from. So he gave him the wind from the front.”

(He was sick and tired, so he yelled at him)

  1. “Unfortunately peanutbutter, dude!”

(Too bad for you, dude)

  1. “Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!”

(Now the secret has come out!”)

  1. “He laughs like a farmer with toothpain.”

(He laughs, but he is not amused at all.”)

  1. “I’ll drink you under the table!”

(I will outdrink you till you’re under the table)

  1. “Now we have the dolls on the dancing!”

(Now we are in big trouble!”)

  1. “It walks out of the claws”

(It’s getting out of hands)

Here you go! Try and memorize these gems of sayings and you will impress every Dutchie with your insane cultural knowledge!

*If you want to learn more dutch sayings, follow “Make that the cat wise” on facebook!

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