The best study spots in Utrecht

During the holidays, studying is probably one of the last things you want to think of. Unfortunately, the upcoming Christmas break won’t last forever, and you have to go back to your books sometime. Besides the sad prospect of reading all day, you’re probably not looking forward to getting up early for a spot in the University Library. Especially during exam time, the library is packed with busy students. To make your hard study days a little easier, I made a list of alternative study spots. Hopefully, now you can sleep in a little bit before you start.

Café de Zaak
You can find Café de Zaak at the Korte Minrebroerstraat. If you’re someone who has to study in complete silence, this place won’t be perfect for you. However, if you don’t mind a little bit of background noise while you plough through your books, you should definitely check it out! What makes this café so great? You can eat your own food there! You don’t have to spend your money on way too expensive sandwiches to be allowed to stay there for a few hours. Maybe this is my Dutch state of mind, but I love this concept!

Openbare Bibliotheek Utrecht
If you prefer a more quiet environment the Openbare Bibliotheek (Public Library) might be a good spot for you. It’s not as popular as the University Library, which means there are more spots available. There is free WiFi and if you’re a member, you can use one of the library computers.

Het Gegeven Paard
Het Gegeven Paard is a café in TivoliVredenburg. It is a great place to meet up with some study buddies. The tables, especially the long one in the middle, are suitable for meetings. Especially, when you have to work on a group project. There are enough power sockets and the WiFi is free (and pretty fast). Also, it’s open until midnight or later, so you can stay and work for a long time.

As I said earlier, the University Library is often packed with students. However, there are a lot of other study spots in university buildings throughout the city. With ‘Studyspot’ you can check which places are free. In addition, it’s possible to rent a study room for you and your study buddies. Most rooms are available for four hours.

Time Space
At Vredenburg, you can find Time Space. What makes this place different from the other spots I mentioned, is that you have to book your study spot in advance. This way, you’ll be sure there is a place for you. Booking a spot for a day is €6. Are you wondering if that’s worth it? It sure is! In addition to the assured study spot, you can drink free tea and coffee the whole time!

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