No plans for Halloween? These are the best ideas for a spooky night

It’s that time of the year again when the leaves come off, the weather makes us want to hide under a blanket and all we want to eat is pumpkin-related. There’s this atmosphere outside and it can only mean that a certain holiday is coming closer. Yes, I’m talking about ghosts, vampires, zombie brides and a lot of cut out pumpkins – Halloween!

I must say, Halloween isn’t a common holiday in the Netherlands. Children don’t dress up and go out on the streets to collect loads of candy. But the holiday is becoming more popular every year. This year, the shops are full of Halloween stuff and there are more activities than ever before.

What to do on Halloween?

Feeling like celebrating this scary day but have no plans yet? I can help you out! Try one of these activities.

Where to party?

Halloween is all about dressing up. What are you going to be this year? A Game of Thrones character, an emoji (Modern Family’s Luke can give you the right example) or maybe a pregnant Kylie Jenner. Whatever you decide to go with, show your look at one of these amazing Halloween parties:

> Halloween Cantus

Want to show your creepy side and drink a lot of beer? Join the ESN Halloween Cantus at Club Poema on the 31th of October! Dress up as a clown, zombie or vampire (or just cut two holes in a sheet) because, on this night, a frightening outfit is a must.

> Red Cup Party

This party promises to be a crazy one! At Tivoli Vredenburg you can go to the Red Cup Party, which is full of freak shows, scarezones, horror movies and creepy tales. Do you dare?

> Utrecht Halloween Madness

Dress up for this crazy party at the legendary Winkel van Sinkel on the 28th of October. Dance to the best 90’s and 00’s hits, classics and R&B during the Utrecht Halloween Madness party and have the best fright night of your life.


Where to get the real-life creeps?

If you want to have a fully Halloween experience, including a lot of creepy creatures, screaming your lungs out and scare yourself like crazy, choose one of these activities.

> Walibi Halloween Fright Nights

Feeling like riding a rollercoaster in the dark? Get ready for the Halloween Fright Nights at amusement park Walibi Holland. Everything seems normal during the day, but wait until it gets dark… The creepiest creatures will take over the park while you are enjoying all the attractions. There are even special haunted houses to creep the hell out of you. Goosebumps guaranteed! Note: get your tickets online in advance.

> Halloween Nightmares

If you’re in for a big scare, visit Halloween Nightmares at shopping mall The Wall in Utrecht. It’s the biggest haunted house of the Benelux with over 30 rooms full of creepy clowns, freaks, magicians and other crazy weirdo’s. It’s promising to be really exciting!


What to watch?

And if you don’t feel like partying (or even leaving your house), there’s only one thing you need: Netflix. Gather with your friends, bring a lot of chocolate and candy, make yourself comfortable on the couch (or bed, we’re still students) and choose one of these scary titles, which are currently on Netflix:

> American Horror Story

If you can’t get enough of horror, this show is perfect for you. You’ll see everything that’s creepy: from haunted houses to ghosts and from circus artists to cults. Pick your favourite theme, because every season is a different story.

> Gerald’s Game

We all know that Stephen King is responsible for all of our nightmares with his creepy horror stories as Carrie, The Shining and It. Another story has been made into a movie: Gerald’s Game. It’s about a couple that wants to spice up their sex life by renting a cabin in the middle of nowhere. That can only lead to trouble.

> Little Evil

Are you a big fan of dark humor? Then this movie could be the perfect fit for you. Gary just married the woman of his dreams, but there’s one downside: her son is kind of the antichrist.

> Prom Night

If you think this movie sounds like a nice rom-com, you’re wrong. Prom Night is about a sadistic murderer that turns the perfect night for these teenagers in a nightmare.

> The Ouija Experiment

Did you ever play spin the bottle? Then you must know how creepy that can be (even though you don’t believe in ghosts, you still pee your pants). This movie took ‘spin the bottle’ to the next level. Can you still sleep tonight?


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