5 Dutch musicians you need to know about

We all know famous Dutch DJ’s such as Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Tiësto. The music scene of the Netherlands, however, has so much more to offer! Let’s have a look at 5 artists/bands that deserve to be on your Spotify playlist!

#5 – The Common Linnets

Let’s start off with a rather famous band: The Common Linnets. Some of you might know their debut single “Calm after the storm”, especially if you are following the Eurovison Song contest. The Dutch duo competed with their single in 2014 but could, however, not outshine the light of a certain bearded lady and therefore ended up on second place. For me, the song is perfect for one of those long rainy days in the Netherlands!

#4 – Alain Clark

The first time I listen Alain Clark’s music I honestly couldn’t believe he is Dutch! The vibe, lyrics, voice, melodies, everything is on point. Especially the duett with his father was stuck in my head for days.

“Every time I look at you. I see myself. I’m so proud of you. For you help make me what I am. A better man. I’m just so proud of you.”

#3 – Handsome Poets

The hit single ‘Sky on Fire’ by this Dutch Indie rock band takes you back to long summer days and even longer nights. The band’s sound simply makes happy! Also, can we shortly appreciate their name?

#2 – Dotan

I am a traveler by heart and I know many of you are too. So let me just briefly quote a passage of his song ‘Home‘:

“What if home is not a place? What if home is not there to be found? What if home is a soul that is haunting you? Home…keep running till you’re there.”


Beautiful, isn’t it? Once again, perfect music for a rainy day to dream about places far away.

#1 – Kensington

Let’s end this list with one of my personal favourites: the (pop/indie) rock band Kensington. Founded in 2005, they are now one of the biggest Dutch bands, headlining many national and international festivals. Also, they sold out the 17K-capacity Ziggo Dome five times in a row. But do you want to know the best fact about them? They are originally from Utrecht!  Personally, I do not only love their songs but also their music videos. So, if I were you I would definitely pay their YouTube channel a short visit!

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