The JoCo says goodbye!

You know what they say about the passing of time when you are enjoying yourself right? ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ And this my dear friends, has definitely been the case for this year as ESN Utrecht’s Journalism Committee. So, as a last goodbye and hopefully a see you later, this is what the JoCo takes away from the past year:

Maaike: This has been an amazing year with ESN and especially the JoCo. Fun activities, making new friends and learning a lot about writing, editing and working together with such a varied group of people. For me the highlights of the year were the times when we finished the Abroad magazines, I am so proud of the results. Thanks everyone for making this an unforgettable year! Enjoy your summers!

Betti: This was not my first time living abroad, but it was definitely the first time I got so involved with student life (through ESN) during my stay, and I don’t regret it one bit! Not only did I have the chance to participate in amazing events from pub quizzes to Local Platform III but I also met a bunch of amazing people with incredible stories. My fellow committee members helped me get through tough times and taught me how to just take it easy sometimes and that nobody has to deal with their difficulties alone. Believe me, that is probably the most valuable life lesson one could have and I’m grateful I got to learn them from such an awesome group of girls!

Vera: Thanks first and foremost to all the great girls that were part of the JoCo this year! I hope we made your stay in Utrecht even better than it already was. Similarly, I would like to thank ESN and you guys for the memories. Keep it up and Utrecht will always have a welcoming heart!

Kiki: I want to thank everyone for the great year! I hope you all enjoyed Utrecht and that you will come back sometime. I enjoyed ESN myself during my Erasmus in Madrid. I love that it brings people together and I hope it also made your stay even better. I already visited my friends from Erasmus and went back to Madrid. This is not the end! It was my pleasure to write blogs for you and do the design of the abroad Magazine. Doei!

Una: This was definitely an amazing year for me! I have joined ESN and met so many great, inspiring people from all over the world. Through ESN I became more involved in the student life of Utrecht, and it was the first time I have joined the JoCo committee, which was a great choice! Writing blogs, making magazines and meeting lovely girls was great fun for us, and I hope our readers enjoyed it as much as we did! xx


Willeke: This year was over before I knew it! For me it was a full and busy year; graduation of art school, applying for a position for upcoming board member of ESN Utrecht (yes,I’m in the Candidate Board now!!), and of course writing blogs and writing and photographing for the Abroad magazines of the JoCo. I learned so much from my fellow committee members and I’m thankful for the new friendships I made during this year. I hope you enjoyed all the articles and magazines as much I did this year. Thanks for your interest in our blogs and have a good time back home! XoXo

Annalise: I had an incredible time here in Utrecht as an Erasmus student. ESN really helped me feel welcome here and connected me with amazing people of whom I will stay in contact with! I will most definitely visit again and see my lovely JoCo colleagues as well as many other residents here in Utrecht and the Netherlands! With me I will take waffles, stories, friendship and life experience back to England. Thank you everybody for your constant energy and enthusiasm, every moment I will treasure. Thank you, JoCo, for allowing me this opportunity to write for such an inspirational society, to help you help internationals get the best experience of their lives here in the Netherlands, I truly enjoyed spending my time with you. I will see you all again! Tot ziens! Cheerio!

Evelijn: It’s already time to say goodbye after two years of JoCo for me! I love the fact that this year’s committee managed to bring the blog and the magazine to a new level. The views of the blog went sky high and I believe the Abroad magazine never looked so pretty. Working together with this all-girls committee has been truly amazing with so many talented people in the group 🙂 Sadly, all good times come to an end so it’s time for me to say goodbye to the ESN blog. Enjoy the summer time and if it’s gonna rain all summer, there’s still plenty to read on the blog 😉

Sammy: I can’t say anything else than that I absolutely loved this year! I was completely new within ESN Utrecht but have never felt so welcomed and comfortable so quickly with a group of new people. I love how the JoCo girls have written so many amazing blogs and made four kick-ass Abroad magazines. No president can be prouder of their committee than I am, and I’m honestly quite sad our JoCo year is coming to an end… But luckily the new semester starts in September, and who knows what the future holds? But for now, enjoy the summer!



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