The JoCo says goodbye!

You know what they say about the passing of time when you are enjoying yourself right? ‘Time flies when you’re having fun!’ And this my dear friends, has definitely been the case for this year as ESN Utrecht’s Journalism Committee. So, as a last goodbye and hopefully a see you later, this is what the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Memory Ideas

Cheerio My 'Dutch' Family It is now the final week of Erasmus before SSH kicks us all out ready for our summer take over students. Many have already returned home and tears are being shared among those who remain. What follows are some suggestions towards your Erasmus memories! Dutch Flag In England, and perhaps other... Continue Reading →

Let the games begin!

Your exam week is approaching, the panic attacks are becoming more intense, but you still can’t stop thinking of how hard you are going to party when all the struggle is over. After all, is there a better period to party than during these long sunny days, once you know that the summer holidays have... Continue Reading →

From Utrecht with love

Whether you like it or not, your stay in Utrecht is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s time to say your goodbyes and pack your bags for moving back home. Don’t you just wish you could stuff everything in your suitcase, from those delicious bitterballen to the millions of tulips to your new... Continue Reading →

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