3 must-run routes in Utrecht

Sometimes all you need is some fresh air and green space around you. So what’s a better way than putting on your running shoes and enjoying all what Utrecht’s got to offer? The best way to discover is to run around and see with your own eyes that there are other parts of the town besides the busy city centre. It is after all nicest to run somewhere where you aren’t bothered by cyclists and walkers. We found out the best places in Utrecht to run!

City centre – Singel route

A classic running route in Utrecht is the so-called Singel route. This route leads you around the historical city centre through a green area along the canals. The sandy paths are easy to run on and with 5K this route is perfect when you’re a newbie runner. Another nice advantage of this route is that it’s actually a round, so no running the same route again on your way back. Start at a point which is close to your house and keep your eyes open on this route, because there’s plenty to see!


Uithof – Round Fort Rhijnauwen

If you live at the Uithof and you love running you’ve got an easy life, because you live in the middle of a green area! When you head towards the direction of the small town Zeist, you’ll find a big historical area of natural beauty. This route evolves around the historical Fort Rhijnauwen. The fortress was built in the 19th century as a part of the Hollandic Water Line. This series of water-based defences could be used to transform the provinces of Holland and Utrecht almost into an island as an excellent form of defence against enemy troops. Nowadays the old fort has been renovated and the area forms a perfect spot for running and relaxing. This route is only about 4K long, but if you want to extend the route the area offers plenty of opportunities.

uithof hardlopen

Overvecht – Along the Vecht

Another beautiful area is to be found on the eastside of town, so this route is ideal if you live at Tuindorp West Complex or in Overvecht. Over here the Vecht river, which later transforms into the Oude Gracht, meanders through the flat and green landscape. Along the Vecht is a nice sandy path with many houseboats. Salient detail; the houseboats used to be the red-light district of Utrecht until July 2013. Nowadays the path is perfect for running and walking your dog.

When you follow the path all the way to the small town Oud-Zuilen, you will run across two historical buildings: Fort aan de Klop and Slot Zuylen. Fort aan de Klop is another fortress part of the Hollandic Water Line, but Slot Zuylen was already built in the 16th century and knows a long history. This route is for the somewhat more experienced runner since it counts about 15K, but it’s definitely worth training for!

route vecht

So where are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes and go!

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