Where to take your Date in Spring Season?

Spring is mating season! The hormones start flowing and people are outside more often wearing less and less clothing. Utrecht is one of the joyful places to be when the sun is out, the canals get a softer vibe, the blooming trees brighten up the city and terraces crowd full. This means that it is also time to leave the comforts of your home and bring your date and yourself outside for some sunshine! As always, the question arises; where to go? This article will provide you with some ideas to have your best spring date?

Park dates

The time is here! Behave like a typical Dutchie and run towards a park the moment you feel the sun tingling your skin. Don’t forget to bring a portable barbeque, allowed in most parks in Utrecht, blankets, baguettes, some salads, juices and, if the evening is near, some nice beers, white wine or rose. Most parks in Utrecht have supermarkets nearby so little preparations necessary. Spring-park dates are ideal for a nice and romantic picnic, watching other people having fun and similarly if your date turns out to be successful, you can snuggle up together and watch the evening fall; if not… there is always a simple excuse to leave!

Late night Terrace-talks

What better way is there to get to know someone by sharing a few drinks? Now that the evening temperatures are increasing, you can sit outside longer on the terraces while chatting the night away. Also, being spring, if the evening might get chilly most terraces still have heaters nearby or even have blankets to snuggle into. Try one of the terraces downstairs looking over the Oudegracht or visit places such as ‘t Wet or Ledig Erf for the full spring experience!

A Fruity Date

Spring is the season of fresh fruits! It is time again for the strawberries, cherries, berries and all other red fruits to come out. From April onward many farms around Bunnik and Amelisweerd have opened their doors for you to buy fruits for small prices. Even more fun: some allow you to pick fruits yourselves! What a nice way to start off a date by being active together and enjoying the countryside. Take your bikes and discover the surroundings of Utrecht. You can find some of these farms here, here and here  

Random Spring date choice; the Cinema

Yes, even a cinema can be a surprisingly great spring date idea. As the Dutch spring is often unpredictable with an occasional rain torrent terrorizing April and May, you might want to bring umbrellas and raincoats on your date, but if the weather turns out to be really terrible you can always check out the cinema’s. Orif you are a cinefreak, visit them on sunny days, guaranteed empty places! Some movie theatres such as the Louis Hartlooper, Springhaver or ‘t Hoogt will provide you with the most amazing food-movie-drinks combination!

I hope we have given you plenty of inspiration on what to do for your date in Spring! Let us know if you have any more great ideas and also take a look at our Abroad magazine as we did line up some more ideas in there too!

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