What you really need to know about Kingsday

Only ten more days before you are going to experience the most epic Dutch day ever! Kingsday. This day all the Dutch go crazy.

What you are going to do is actually really simple: If you like parties, you will go to one of the many amazing ones which are usually similar to a festival. If you don’t like alcohol and dancing, you can go to a park or to the canals of Utrecht to see all the stuff people are selling; there are flea-markets everywhere!

But there are some important things everybody should do on Kingsday:

Orange clothes

Wear orange! Everyone will wear orange; even if you hate the colour, this day you should make an exception. You can visit one of the cheap stores like Hema or Zeeman to buy a orange shirt for about 5 euros.


Go crazy

Do you really want to fit in? Then you buy more stuff! Big orange glasses, orange cowboy hats, spray your hair orange for a day, facial paint the Dutch flag on your head, even wear orange underwear! Nothing is too crazy for Kingsday.

Eat a tompoes

The next thing you can’t miss is eating an orange tompoes. A what? Yes, a tompoes. This is a typical, really sweet Dutch pastry. Normally it’s pink, but on this day we naturally make an exception. Try to eat only orange food for a day #orangechallenge.

Orange tompoes

Golden beer

I guess I don’t have to explain what amazing kinds of beers we Dutchies have. This gold/orange drink is perfect to drink the whole day. It’s a shame the celebration is only once a year, right?


If you are really interested in the Dutch royals, you can watch them live one the main television channel while they visit a Dutch city. This year they will go to Tilburg. But of course it’s way better to go out and experience some fun yourself!

The Dutch King and Queen

As you can see, there is plenty of (orange) things to enjoy on this special day. Be prepared and have lots of fun!

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