Utrecht’s hidden gems ~ Kanaalstraat

A new city means finding new interesting spots, doesn’t it? In this second blog about Utrecht’s hidden gems I’ll take you to one of the messiest yet most colourful streets of Utrecht. It’s located in Lombok, close by the central station and not even 10 minutes by bike from the city centre. When you first set foot in this street, you may first a bit overwhelmed because of the harmonious rush. You will get used to it, trust me!

The street I would like to mention is the Kanaalstraat.  The first characterization of Lombok is the huge mosque.  Generally speaking, what is it that makes this street so special? For me, it breathes culture and many food traditions. This street offers a range of shops where you can buy your fresh veggies and fruits. The prices are absolutely amazing in these shops compared to the prices in the nearby supermarket. 

Many Moroccan and Turkish greengrocers have taken up place in the retail to start their own little shop. The shops are crammed with hundreds of jars of dried herbs; full buckets with olives and cheese, dried fruits, salted and unsalted nuts, fresh herbs and shelves full of fruit and vegetables. Some you might have never seen before! As a regular visitor of this street, I have found my favourite shops I would love to introduce to you! In these shops I can rely on product quality and their assortment.

Bendi Food Center, N50

Besides super cheap vegetables, fruits, olives, herbs you can buy in this supermarket a lot of main products as bread, rice, and pickled products.

Morty’s, N57

This cute little shop sells cheese and local delicacies like whine, fresh baked bread, flour, vegetable milk and all are biological!

turkish supermarket

Güven Market, N73

This greengrocer is by far my favourite. It offers many different vegetables for a really low price. Here they also sell great fresh goats and feta cheese and a large stock of nuts.

Beanery Aarti, N75

At this beanery you can try a great taste of the Surinam kitchen! Try a Roti, Masoesa, Nasi/Bami or if you like fish the Bakkeljouw! Take away or sit in.

Organic Greengrocer, N82

This shop/greengrocer offers many biological veggies but I’m mainly going here for the wall full of nuts, dried fruits and seeds that you can put by yourself.


Yunak Lunchroom, N84

I mainly come here for the delicious Kumpir: a steamed potato filled with cheese, fresh lettuce and vegetables. If you sit in you can order tea in a traditional Moroccan tea pot.  

Bereket Kidapazari, N89

This shop offers mainly the same products as the Güven Market but at times offers a better promotional deal.

Good Food Club, N159

This is a eat and cooking club in the centre of Lombok. Food fanatics and chefs from many different cultures in our neighbourhood are cooking together with vegetables and spices from the shops in the Kanaalstraat.

Kopi_Susu.jpgKopi Susu, N193

This place is a meeting place for local residents of Utrecht West. Arguably, this is the best social cultural day café in Lombok. In this cosy café they offer additional cultural and social programs and twice a month exhibitions. They also offer a GPS route through the Lombok district, which tells you more about some historical sites and the origin of the street.

kaartje de kanaalstraat.png

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