Passionate about theatre? Check out the SPRING Festival!

Hooray, spring is finally here! The sun is shining and everyone is slowly but surely getting ready for the upcoming festival season. What probably comes to your mind is some good music and partying with your friends during the day. We indeed love this kind of festival, but have you ever considered checking out a more alternative and artistic festival? The SPRING Festival definitely offers a different atmosphere and is a great choice for every art lover!

What is the SPRING Festival?

The SPRING Festival is an international performance festival held in Utrecht every spring. Nowadays, it is not very easy for choreographers and theatre makers to attract a big audience. However, the SPRING Festival  offers a great opportunity for theatre creators and choreographers to present their work. The festival consists of a variety of shows, premieres, interviews and installations combining theatre, dance, visual art and technology, music and politics, pushing the boundaries of today’s art. Some of the people coming to this festival are the rising star of the international dance world Marlene Monteiro Freitas,the choreographer  Eko Supriyanto who performed with Madonna as well as young Dutch makers Katja Heitmann and Casper Vandeputte.

How can you be part of the SPRING Festival?

If you want to be part of How can you be a part of the SPRING Festival?the festival, feel free to join the SPRING Academy where different artists share their knowledge and experience with students and emerging artists. After the performances, there are different workshops for body and mind where the artists talk about the performances and different topics, as well as discussions about the field of art and its importance in the contemporary world. When it comes to programs for students, the Academy features programs on different educational institutes including the Utrecht University, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU), ArtEZ and De Montfort University.What could also be a great experience is contributing to the festival by coming as a volunteer. You get to know all the young and enthusiastic people who organize the festival and you can see performances for free. The atmosphere is really nice, young and energetic!

The time and location of the SPRING Festival

The festival usually lasts for ten days, this year it will take place in the period from the 18th until the 27th of May. The performances take place on different locations, including the Utrecht theatres, centres for the arts, and Neude. The festival heart however is located at the Stadsschouwburg theatre. Overhere visitors, theater makers and artists join each other for a drink, the music stage and the infamous closing party. 

If you want to get more info about the festival, check out their official website and buy your tickets, because we are sure you will not regret a single penny!


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