Bake your own Arretjescake! (no oven needed)

It happens to the best of us, wanting to use all your creativity for a baking session when you suddenly remember that your student home is devoid of an oven or you find that your housemates have claimed it all day long to heat their frozen pizza’s. Then, and more so because it is extremely delicious, I advise you to try and make Arretjescake!

With this easy-going recipe you have enough cake to get all your housemates, mom and neighbours into a sugar-chocolate coma. If you meet Dutchies from across the Netherlands, each of them will tell you different ingredients to add to your Arretjescake as each region has their own styles. This recipe will deliver you the recipe from the province of Limburg! (source; my grandma; picture of a finished product will follow shortly)


10 tablespoons of sugar

5 tablespoons cacao

1 package of butter (about 200 grammes)

2 rolls of Mariakoekjes

3 eggs

Cake mold

Aluminium foil

Stuff for arretjescake 2

The How To

Cover your cake mold with aluminium foil. Melt the butter carefully in a pan or in a microwave, keep stirring so that it doesn’t boil. While you melt the butter, add the sugar, cacao and eggs together in a bowl and whisk. Add the molten butter to this mixture and ensure that the sugar has dissolved completely to prevent clumps. Take your Mariakoekjes and crush them by, for example, breaking them above your bowl with your hands, enfolding them in a towel and jumping on it or cracking them with a hammer; all room for creativity here! Stir your entire mixture so that all your cookies are covered by a chocolaty mix and if you like you can add additional tastemakers here such as mocca, nuts, almonds, liquor, basically anything you enjoy. Pour/scoop your mixture into your cake mold, place in the fridge for at least 24 hours and enjoy an amazing chocolate heaven!

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