Meet your new writers!

The ESN Journalistic Committee has two new international members! Are you interested in who they are and what you can expect from them? Then keep reading and get to know these two internationals better!

Annalise Garrett

Hey! My name is Annalise and I am an Erasmus student from England! I am here for one year as part of my BA degree in Literature and Linguistics from The University of Leicester. I arrived here in Utrecht in September, and as expected, the weather resembles that of England, if not a little bit colder! As you can imagine, having to adapt to riding my bike and walking on the wrong side of the road has been very disorientating and I still make mistakes. So, if you see an English girl on a little red bike (yes I cycle using a children’s bike) cycling the wrong way or looking rather frightened, say hi! For writing, well, expect a lot of topics in relation to international observations and travelling… especially travelling, for my love of nature and culture cannot be concealed. Additionally, I have a love for all art forms, you will find me in a museum, reading a book or scrolling through tumblr fine art posts. So, to be part of this blog and committee allows me to engage and experiment with words in relation to our Erasmus here. And with that, I shall say hello and I will see you at some ESN events! Hope you enjoy your stay here and the coming sunny weather!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 16.15.51

Una Omeragic

Hello to all the dear readers of our ESN Blog! My name is Una and I am a twenty-year-old Croatian girl studying in the Netherlands. I came to Utrecht last September to study International Communication and Media, and it was definitely a decision I don’t regret. Since then, the city has treated me so well that I have decided to do my full-time study here.As most of the internationals, I try to make the best out of my time spent abroad so I have decided to join the ESN Journalism Committee. I am very passionate about literature in general, and writing articles while having a cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday morning sounds pretty attractive to me. If, however, I am not there, you will probably find me on a good art-music festival in my boho outfit, wearing a big hat to protect me from the rain (notice: I am quite short, so good luck with finding me amongst all the tall Dutchies!). My other passions include latin dancing, travelling, tasting new food and obsessing over dogs!  When it comes to my contribution to the blog, you can expect articles about different events and tips and tricks about living abroad from an international perspective. My curious self has to discover every corner of the city, so I hope all the advice I post here will be helpful.  Keep reading our blog and magazine and don’t forget to make every day of your study abroad life AMAZING!


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