The Mini Utrecht called Delft

Delft is smaller than Utrecht, yet possesses a similar charm and beauty. Smaller you say? How is that possible? Yes! It is smaller, yet it has just as much to do, with a tower almost as large as the Dom tower! It is the second biggest in the Netherlands! The trip was organised by ESN and involved a lot of cultural activities that made us fall in love with Delft and eager to return!


During lunch, we were given free time to explore the small town and consequently, we checked out the local restaurants for something to eat. We ate at ‘Lunch Café’, a quaint little place with local paintings and drawings displayed on their walls. Their magazines and newspapers were tucked into old jean pockets, which we thought gave the atmosphere character and personality. The food was delicious and complementing this was the staff’s enthusiasm, and they themselves wore handmade aprons which emphasised the fabric market just outside in the square.


In between lunch and dinner, we were given a very interesting and well thought out cultural tour around this little town, delivered by none other than the ESN committee. We weaved in and out of churches and towers, breathed in the dusty scent of old alters, tip-toed around floor graves, listened to stories such as ‘the rich stink’ because their bodies decayed in these floor graves that were situated inside of the church. What struck me, if I am to compare Utrecht to Delft, was the green against the canals. This compelled my attention as it brought life and colour to the concrete town, as well as the streets were wider giving it a larger perspective. All in all, the experience was great!

Royal Delft Museum

On the way, my attention was caught on small white and blue arrows, the blue was in a certain calligraphy that made it impossible for me to interpret. It was only when we arrived at the Royal Delft Museum that I realised they were leading us in that direction. How cute? Inside we learnt how the Delft’s Blauw was made and watched as the master painter, who trained for over ten years, created the patterns for the pottery. Particularly interesting was to learn that if the pottery was to have orange areas with the blue it meant that it was specifically made for royalty, William of Orange, orange, aye, aye? Anyway, this cultural experience was a nice end of all of our tours around Delft as we had a story to connect with all of the Delft Blauw that characterised many areas of the town.

Dinner and Drinks

To end the day, we ate dinner at ‘Grand Diner Café ‘t Boterhuis’. Inside was dark and warm, and the staff were energetic and well organised for such a large group. We received everything we expected and the chips, or fries if that is what you call them, were especially exceptional. Here we learnt more about dating and relationships from different cultures as this was our topic of conversation. Even when we left the café and headed to drinks, this topic of conversation continued right until we were sat on the bus to return to Utrecht.

As an overview, Delft was a lovely experience. We were engaged with culture, lucky with the weather, heard many interesting stories, experienced various activities and embraced the views that were on offer.

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