Fitness in Utrecht

Gym De Workout

Are you a fitness fanatic, a gym steady-goer or an active participant for fitness classes? Are you still stuck with the contemplation on the fact that most gyms have a lengthy contract that you cannot commit to? Well, look no further!

At Workout, they offer a great range of opportunities. They offer a personal trainer who will consider the individuality of your body and assist you with your workout to get the best possible outcome for you, yourself and you. This enables you to be more efficient with your time giving you optimal performance, thus shortening your workout time to dedicate those saved minutes towards your study and Dutch experiences. But it doesn’t end with the body. Your mind benefits from this, and particularly with Workout, you can reply on the help of their dedicated and experienced trainers to guide your thoughts and simply provide you with answers to why things are not going how you thought they should.

Missing out on the football, TV shows and top hits? Well, the cardio machines are hooked up with TV’s! You can exercise while celebrating your favourite sports team on the screen, or watch something – anything, the news even! Maybe you can learn some Dutch words whilst setting the treadmill to a high level of incline for those who miss hills, or simply do not enjoy the rush of the wind to run outside!

Overall, as you may have experienced on being introduced to Utrecht, the Workout is a diverse and effective gym for toning, performance and strength. You can join their classes, particularly boot camp, and meet other dedicated and sweaty individuals with the same goals and aspirations!

So why not join now!? Let out your inner animal and take on a new sport, a new spiritual entity that produces good endorphins for both your mind and body! The more energy you have, the more chance you will feel great to study and involve yourself more actively in Utrecht. We had a great time being introduced to new exercises and activities in de Workout and as you can see, we worked together and successfully completed a great day of working out at the gym! Just to remind you, you get a nice discount at this gym for being part of ESN, so take up the opportunity now!

Happy Gyming!


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