Where to get a good haircut in Utrecht

We all have that moment when we look at ourselves in the mirror and just can’t get anything done with our hair that is satisfactory. For girls it’s just another day you’re glad someone invented the hair tie and guys turn around and shrug it off or grab a cap to cover their out-of-bed look. It’s time to get that taken care of. Let us help you out a bit. The JoCo might consist only of girls, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know the right places to go for a good haircut for both girls and guys.


Kinki Kappers

Kinki’s is all about standing out, giving the ordinary something extra and playing with trends. They are not your standard hairdressers so if you’re in the mood for some fun colouring or something completely different, you should definitely pay them a visit. In Utrecht there are two locations  where you can find Kinki Kappers; at the Nachtegaalstraat and at the Oudegracht, next to Kafé België. Check out their website for some ideas.


The Graduates

Situated at the Voorstraat, this salon is also one of JoCo’s go-to address for haircuts. Tested out by two of our girls, we can definitely recommend this place. The Graduates are hairdressers that are experienced, well-trained and graduated from the B Academy (hence the name). They love their job and it shows in their work. Have a look at the website for more info and their contact info.


Local Heroes

This salon can be found right at the heart of the city, across from Tivoli Vredenburg. They cut both women and men and have their own barbers to take extra care of men and their beards. They can work with whatever you want: tell them something specific you’d like to get or let them advise you if you don’t really know what you want your hair to look like. They are a bit more expensive (count about 35 euros for a haircut) but they do give you good quality cuts. You can check out their options and the price list here.



So much more than a barbershop/hair salon, Moms is all about welcoming you into the big living room and letting you have a go at one of the gaming consoles, get a tattoo or just have a chat with the people hanging around. But besides that it’s home to a few of the best barbers and hairdressers Utrecht has to offer. The only thing we can say is give them a call for an appointment because they offer you high-standard quality cuts and shaves for both men and women at a very good price. You can find them on Facebook if you want to check it out.


Rob Peetoom

If you have money to spend we can only advise you to book an appointment here if you don’t really like the living room vibe at Moms. You can choose the level of expertise you want the hairdresser to have and it’s a really professional salon. It’s literally the best of the best. But then they also ask good money for it. However, if you’re a student you can get a 10% discount on the price. So if you’re feeling fancy, make sure to pay them a visit. 


By: Farunya Bos

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