Passionate about theatre? Check out the SPRING Festival!

Hooray, spring is finally here! The sun is shining and everyone is slowly but surely getting ready for the upcoming festival season. What probably comes to your mind is some good music and partying with your friends during the day. We indeed love this kind of festival, but have you ever considered checking out a more... Continue Reading →

The Pirates Beer Cantus!

The beer cantus. Bandana with a skull cross? Check. Long rows of international students sat at benches? Check. Sailor striped shirts, beer in the right hand and song book in the left? Ay-Ay-Captain! Scallywags The room is dim, a warm hue of red accentuates our features to a recognisable state. The rules are read out... Continue Reading →

Meet your new writers!

The ESN Journalistic Committee has two new international members! Are you interested in who they are and what you can expect from them? Then keep reading and get to know these two internationals better! Annalise Garrett Hey! My name is Annalise and I am an Erasmus student from England! I am here for one year... Continue Reading →

My first steps in learning Dutch

Living in the Netherlands has its advantages; the majority of the population speaking English at a high level is definitely one of them! However, even if you spend 95% of your time speaking English because you’re surrounded by internationals and well-spoken Dutchies, there are several reasons why you should learn the language. If you’re considering... Continue Reading →

The Mini Utrecht called Delft

Delft is smaller than Utrecht, yet possesses a similar charm and beauty. Smaller you say? How is that possible? Yes! It is smaller, yet it has just as much to do, with a tower almost as large as the Dom tower! It is the second biggest in the Netherlands! The trip was organised by ESN... Continue Reading →

Fitness in Utrecht

Gym De Workout Are you a fitness fanatic, a gym steady-goer or an active participant for fitness classes? Are you still stuck with the contemplation on the fact that most gyms have a lengthy contract that you cannot commit to? Well, look no further! At Workout, they offer a great range of opportunities. They offer... Continue Reading →

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