Hangover Heaven: The best food in town!

Every exchange student feels like this at least once during their exchange (and some even every week). You’ve had a fun night out with your new friends, but now you’ve woken up alone, it’s past noon and you feel awful. Your head is spinning, your throat is dry, it feels like you have nails inside your head and your face almost looks green. The only cure for this disastrous feeling is a tall glass of ice cold water and some greasy, mouthwatering comfort food. Since we’ve gained ‘some’ experience in surviving a hangover in Utrecht, we’ll help you find the best places to score some nice food.

Broodje Ben

This sandwich stand on the corner of the Oude Gracht and the Bakkerbrug truly has the best sandwiches in town. Mr. Ben offers over 50 sandwiches for you to choose from, all prepared with fresh ingredients. Also important to note, they’re not thrifty with their fillings! Trust me, you will want to try the number 34, a delicious carpaccio sandwich with a creamy truffle sauce. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to leave your bed since you can easily order online!

De Luifel

On Neude square you will find café de Luifel, a small but cozy bar. If you’re feeling hungover, you will definitely have to pay a visit here. The menu offers some very tasty options. My personal recommendation is the club sandwich (best I ever had!). This is a huge sandwich with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon, egg and of course a lot of mayonnaise. You’ll get a huge portion of fries on the side, which will definitely benefit your hangover.

Manneke Pis

If you’re looking for some greasy fast food, Manneke Pis is your place to be. Manneke Pis is a take-out restaurant for yummy fries. They’ve even won awards for having the best fries in the whole Netherlands. Not in the mood for fries? No worries, you can always go for a tasty, and very Dutch, ‘Broodje Kroket’. In Utrecht they have two locations in the city center, so you don’t have to walk far to get these heavenly fries and snacks.


Nothing works better to overcome a hangover than stuffing yourself with fried eggs, of course with some crispy bacon and melted cheese on top. Besides the satisfying taste, eggs are full of nutrients that will help your body battle those alcoholic toxics in your liver. ToqueToque is one of those places where you can let your body enjoy some nice fried eggs in peace, for a student-friendly price.

Whether you’re still a little intoxicated from last night’s overflow of alcohol, or if you’re completely sobered-up, hangover food is always a great idea. Hopefully these tips will help you gain some strength and survive this horrendous day. Let us know in the comments what your favorite place is for the ultimate hangover brunch in Utrecht!

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