Utrecht’s hidden gems ~ Voorstraat

A new city means finding new interesting spots, doesn’t it? At least that’s the thought I had when I was abroad. In this new rubric I’m welcoming you to Utrecht’s hidden gems, which are not visible if you don’t know the city that well. Started by one of my favourite streets: The Voorstraat.

I love the designer shops like Puha and Klijs&Boon, hanging around for too long in Plato, secretly buying woollen sweaters by Sussies, drinking perfect coffee by The Villages, and ending with a delicious and cheap diner at Gys.

Klijs&Boon, N44

In the past few years you might build up a nice collection of beautiful clothing, selected carefully and hopefully worn with love. Some pieces might have been bought for a special occasion or have been replaced by a newer piece and now hanging in your closet for no one to see or wear. Klijs&Boon would like to see those pieces be we worn and adored again. With your input they organize a clothing revival together. Herefore you need to select the garments you no longer wear but are still in great shape and return them to Klijs&Boon. Together they decide the right price and ask you to write a small personal message to the new future owner. When your item(s) are sold you will receive a voucher to reinvest in a new piece!

The-Village-coffee1.jpgThe Village, N46

In this old house, created in 2011 with the unique concept of bringing great coffee and music together, your day starts ultimate chill. Grab a newspaper and relax in the sofa with a great view over the street.  The idea of coffee and music arise with the live in stores of different bands the founders appreciate. The café is still inspired by a range of photos from rock and roll to spherical songwriters.

Puha, N48

Fan of young, unknown designers and always into searching for pieces not everyone has in their closet? Then you’re at Puha at the right place! A few years ago a group of creative people started this shop with the thought  to give a stage to talented people in Utrecht. The shops provides a various collection of silk blouses, fine linen dresses and many other beautiful jewels by starting designers.

nl_NL_300742_full.jpgSussies, N50

Personally, I’m a big lover of vintage clothing. Besides the fact you mostly find one-piece items you also support the sustainable economy. This shop offers vintage clothing for both men and women. The collection exists from 80’s printed blouses, cowboy boots, trendy raincoats to timeless lace-up boots and Japanese kimonos. Chances are you’ll end up with something really unusual.

Gys, N77

Healthy food usually cost more time. Gys will change this problem. Food and drinks are prepared with love and the dishes are mainly created out of local products. In addition, many of these dishes are vegetarian or vegan. Sustainability is important to us, both in the interior and in our business model.kaartje de voorstraat.jpg

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