In for the scariest ride of your life? Visit these Dutch amusement parks!

Every country has them – amusement parks. They’re a great way to cut loose after a hard exam week, or to just go to relax and create those one-of-a-kind memories with your friends. Screaming together in a roller-coaster does give you the perfect opportunity to bond with your new Erasmus mates. Therefore, we’re providing you with a list with the JoCo’s favorite Dutch amusement parks! These are definitely a must-visit when living in the Netherlands.

De Efteling

This is the most beautiful amusement park you’ll find in the Netherlands (and beyond, in my opinion). The theme of the park is all about fairytales, with a special ‘Fairytale Forest’ they offer a most enchanting experience. Another classic is the ‘Dream Flight’, an amazing attraction with gorgeous decorations that takes you to a place where unicorns and forest animals come to life. But the park doesn’t only offer pretty attractions, there’s plenty to do for the true daredevils . The newest addition to the Efteling’s rollercoaster arsenal, is the Baron 1898 that drops you 37.5 meter into a mineshaft, so not for the faint-hearted! The Efteling definitely is a one-of-a-kind, amazing park, that attracts everyone; whether you’re the adventurer, the romanticus or like to live a fairytale.

File:De Vliegende Hollander (Efteling).JPG
‘The Flying Dutchman’ (Efteling)

Walibi Holland

‘El Condor’ (Walibi)

This one is for the real thrill-seekers out there. Walibi offers at least ten thrill-rides, which you should definitely stay very far from if you’re afraid of heights. One of the most spectacular roller coasters is the ‘Lost Gravity’ that opened just recently. This crazy and extreme ride takes you around intense corners, a maximum of airtime and two mind-blowing inversions. Hold on tight for the scariest ride of your life! This park is without doubt a good option if you want to overcome your fears or if you just want to blow off some steam by screaming as loud as you can in its exhilarating attractions.


I’m guessing you’ve never been launched into the water with more than 40km/h, have you? Then I’d advise you to visit the Tiki Pool, a unique and tropical swimming pool with many many water slides and spectacular attractions. So you might ask, where is this spectacle of a pool? Well, the park Duinrell not only hosts the pool but offers much much more! Duinrell is a park that offers scary rides but also a lot of other fun activities and attractions, making it easier to go to with a group of people with different interests. The park is beautifully located near the forest and the Dutch dunes, and is easy to reach by public transport. This is your chance to experience an unforgettable day in, and outside the pool.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor duinrell
‘Tikibad’ (Duinrell)


File:Madurodam 48.jpg
‘Utrecht’ (Madurodam)

If your parents are visiting for the weekend you might have trouble deciding which highlights of the Netherlands you’d want to show them. Madurodam might be the perfect solution! It offers you a miniature version of the Netherlands’. The park allows you to view and discover true Dutch heritage in a fun and interactive way. The park is arranged around three themes: City Centre, Water World and Innovation Island. You’ll also get a peek into various characteristic and eccentric cities in the Netherlands. This is definitely a perfect day out if your parents are in town!

So now that you’ve read all about the great amusement parks the Netherlands have to offer. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some great memories here in the Netherlands!


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