Icy Intro day: “I hope we will be friends for the whole semester”

The Introduction Day was a very special one this semester. It was the first Introduction Day in years with snow! Of course it was cold, but didn’t Utrecht resemble a beautiful town from a fairy tale?

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-12 om 20.26.32.png
The view from the Dom Tower #esnintro2017

Internationals about this special day

“The time really flew by today, because it was so great. I enjoyed hearing more about the city. Normally you just walk down the street and don’t really pay attention. Now I know more about the history. But the best thing of the day was the view from the Dom Tower. It was special to see everything from the sky. Utrecht is so beautiful!”
Simona, Lithuanian student, International Marketing

“I am happy that I met so many nice people today. Tonight, we will go together to the party and even have pre-drinks together. I’ve been here for a week now and so far I only socialized with my roommates. For this reason I really like it that I met new people that will probably be my friends for the whole semester. The best thing about today was that we went to so many different places, that we had so much food and the pool game! I thought it was really smart that we had pool at the beginning of the day, because it really forced us to get to know each other.”
Katarina, Slovenian student, Criminal Justice Work

“This day was really cool. It was unfortunate that the weather wasn’t that good. Normally I love snow, but I thought that winter would be over, so I left my winter snow-proof shoes is Germany. Nevertheless this day really showed me the city. The highlight for me was the view from the Dom tower. I also really enjoyed getting to know people from other countries.”
Viola, German student, International Media and Communication

Picture from Instagram challenge #esnintro2017

The Introduction day organization

“On the morning of the Introduction Day, the whole introduction committee had a quick briefing. We had been planning the event for months so there was an atmosphere of excitement; we were ready to go! Every detail had been planned out and we had a specific place to be at every moment of the day, so it was all very clear. The day went really smoothly, and we had time to chat to the internationals throughout the day. Our aim was to make sure the internationals had fun and it’s safe to say we succeeded! I really hope I have the chance to be involved in something like this again.”
Leah, member of Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee

What was the best thing for you of introduction day? Did the view of the Dom tower almost made you emotional? Or did you have a blast with pooling? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Picture from Instagram challenge #esnintro2017

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