Drawing Utrecht’s Past – Exhibition in the Archive

What are your favourite spots in Utrecht? A question round within your own ESN journalism committee (JoCo) revealed that we particularly like places such as the roads along the canals, little alleyways or cute little shopping-streets (anyone’s ever heard of the Zadelstraat?). Places such as the Oudegracht, Ledig Erf or Dom Square is where we like to spend lazy afternoons and evenings and are places to find inspiration. They don’t only inspire us but also countless others that have channelled these admirations into pictures, drawings or written pieces.

Drawing a changing City

Cities are ever-changing but some parts remain. This is also the case for our favourite spots, so do you ever question how your favourite place must’ve looked like 100 years ago? Then don’t hesitate and visit the Utrecht Archive! These months an exhibition is hosted called ‘Getekende Stad’ (Drawn City). From 11th January until 12th March, you’ll find 20th century topographical drawings of places in the city centre! Here you will discover how Vredenburg Square, the Neude, the Oudegracht, Janskerkhof and countless other places looked like or have changed over the century. Some places have undergone significant changes and have become unrecognizable while others have remained almost identical.

Janskerkhof t Hoff.png

Discover yourself

Did you know that the flower market at Janskerkhof has been going on since the 1830s? Or that café Hoffman, where you have most likely been for a few drinks or a full-blown party night, used to be a wallpaper factory owned by mister Hoff? You can discover all these and other interesting pieces of information at the exhibition.

Your current walk-abouts in the city will be more lively as you can now recognize what used to be and what has changed, giving you an entirely new experience of the city. Entrance to the exhibition is free so you can take a short look or stay forever and explore the entire archive, of which the building itself is already worth while visiting! Get your cultural game on and explore your surroundings in Utrecht! You might even want to start drawing yourself.


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